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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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What Happened to "And Justice for All?"
"Two Americans recently wound up dead after traffic stops. In Texas, Sandra Bland was stopped when she failed to signal while changing lanes. She was taken into custody where she allegedly committed suicide. In Ohio, Samuel DuBose was shot dead by a police officer after being stopped for not having a license plate on the front of his car. The Ohio cop has been charged with murder, while the Texas woman's case is being investigated. Talking Points does not know what precisely happened, so further comment will wait. But the point is that laws matter. And we the people, including law enforcement, are expected to obey all of them. Enter Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who took an oath to uphold the Constitution but openly defies federal immigration laws. Does that sound like justice? And what about Planned Parenthood? They receive a half-billion dollars a year from the taxpayer, and some of their operations are selling the body parts of aborted babies. There are federal laws against that. Have President Obama and Attorney General Lynch ordered an investigation? A new video shows a Planned Parenthood doctor describing the harvesting of body parts taken from babies, sometimes more than halfway through their pregnancies. If that is not enough to make the Justice Department move and Congress suspend payments to Planned Parenthood, we don't have a justice system. Sanctuary cities? They arrogantly disobey the law and get away with it. Trafficking in baby body parts on the taxpayer dime? What kind of country is this? As I have said, there comes a point when Americans have to decide how much corruption they will tolerate. All of us have to signal while changing lanes, but some politicians only uphold the laws they like. Disgraceful!"

The Factor was joined by Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who agreed that Planned Parenthood must be investigated. "Given what we've seen on these videos," he said, "there absolutely should be an investigation. Let's get the facts and let's move on this because we are talking about some things that are highly offensive to most Americans. President Obama took an oath to enforce the laws, but he has not done that. I vetoed Planned Parenthood funding in New Jersey." Christie explained how personal experience changed his stance on abortion. "My daughter was at 13 weeks gestation and I heard that heartbeat really strong. That change my position, I said that's a life and I can not countenance taking that life. What Planned Parenthood is doing is disgusting."
Trouble at Planned Parenthood
The California company Stem Express is asking a court to ban any future videos that show Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts to the company. The Factor spoke about the case with anti-abortion activist Lila Rose and attorney Troy Slaten. "Stem Express sought a temporary restraining order," Slaten explained, "to stop the release of videos that they claim were illegally recorded. But you're allowed to record someone in person as long as they don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy." Rose contended that Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry is suddenly on the defensive. "Just look at the videos - you have top executives at Planned Parenthood exposed haggling over selling the body parts of babies they have aborted. They're behaving like butchers, and people are outraged on both sides of the aisle."
Hillary's Email Problems
The Factor asked Fox News correspondent Ed Henry how the controversy over Hillary Clinton's private emails are affecting her presidential campaign. "The polls suggest," Henry reported, "that voters do not see her as honest and trustworthy. One poll shows that her favorability ratings are underwater. But what is better news for her is a poll that shows she wins by double digits head-to-head against Donald Trump." Henry theorized that Joe Biden is thinking about challenging Hillary Clinton, but The Factor maintained that she will be the Democratic nominee: "It will be a close presidential race, but I don't think it will be a close primary race. I don't think Bernie Sanders has the juice to overtake her."
Horrific Illegal Alien Crime in Ohio
Juan Razo, an illegal immigrant in Ohio, has been charged with attempted rape and murder. The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis to administer some truth serum. "Local police determined that Razo was illegal," she reported, "and they called federal authorities. But federal officials told them to just let him go. Soon after, Razo allegedly went on a rampage and now everyone is pointing fingers." Eric Shawn turned to Rutgers University in New Jersey, where journalism professor Deepa Kumar is taking extremism to new extremes. "She says we are worse than ISIS," Shawn said, "and that the United States has a pathological fear of brown men. She has tweeted out that ISIS is brutal, but the United States is worse. I have reached out to her but she hasn't responded, and Rutgers officials have had no comment."
Planned Parenthood Coverage
The three legacy networks have spent far more time covering the killing of a lion in Zimbabwe than on Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts. The Factor turned to Bernie Goldberg for analysis. "There is a visceral reaction many of us have," Goldberg said, "when it comes to the killing of a big, beautiful wild animal. So it's an interesting story. But pro-life people point out that unborn babies are also being killed. The conflict is that most people who put news on the networks are liberal and pro-choice. They play up the lion because they don't like guns and they have more empathy for the lion than they do for what they would call a fetus." The Factor smacked network producers for having totally skewed priorities: "Cecil the lion is a good story, but the lack of coverage of Planned Parenthood is shocking. It is a huge story about justice, misappropriation of funds, and brutality towards the most defenseless."
Dana's Most Important Story of the Week
The Factor asked The Five co-host Dana Perino to name the week's most crucial story. She singled out the fact that Donald Trump is still ascendant in most polls of Republican voters. "He came into the race with name identification," she said, "and he has held it. He has crowded out others in the Republican field. But his numbers on untrustworthiness are as high as Hillary Clinton's and he also does very poorly with women." The Factor reported that Trump is being coy about his plans for next week's first Republican debate: "I talked with him last night on the phone and he said he doesn't know what he'll do in the debate."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Eric Sharpe, Nashville, TN: "O'Reilly, please tell Krauthammer that most of us know the proposed bills on sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood, and Kate's Law will probably not pass. But at least we can see where all our elected officials stand."

Carla Rowe, Katy, TX: "Mr. O'Reilly, I consider you to be fair and have considerable wisdom. But you don't hold a candle to Charles Krauthammer."

Rebecca, AZ: "I used Planned Parenthood to terminate my pregnancy. The clinic did an ultra-sound but did not show it to me. I regret what I did."
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