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Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Defeating the Jihad by Not Being Dumb
"Police in Garland, Texas are keeping secret the name of the hero cop who shot two jihadists dead on Sunday. That is for his own protection, as radical Muslims are a dire threat. And now there is a controversy over whether the anti-Muslim group that ignited the situation did a foolish or noble thing. By setting up a contest and awarding $10,000 for a depiction of Mohammed, the American Freedom Defense Initiative spurred a violent attack. That was not smart, even though the group has its supporters. It does not advance the cause of liberty or get us any closer to defeating the savage jihad. Some Muslim countries are fighting ISIS and al Qaeda - Jordan and Egypt are two of the most powerful. Do you think it's a smart strategy to insult the Muslim countries of Jordan and Egypt by besmirching their religious icon? The group says it is entitled to insult Mohammed because of freedom of speech. That is true, they have the right to do it. But again, it is stupid and it accomplishes nothing. There has been no program stronger than The Factor in speaking out against the jihad. We have severely criticized the Obama administration for being too timid and for allowing atrocities to go unpunished. So don't tell me I'm soft on the jihad. I'm not. They deserve to be neutralized, removed from the planet, and if President Obama was serious about fighting the jihad, he would actually mobilize the 60 nations that have signed on to fight ISIS. But instead, it's a big fraud as the world continues to do nothing. But insulting a religion with more than a billion followers does not advance the cause of defeating the fanatical jihadists. It hurts the cause. Does it not?"

Laura Ingraham joined The Factor to opine on the Talking Points Memo and the anti-Muslim event in Texas. "I agree with you," she declared. "It is not beneficial to us as Americans to criticize an entire faith and what was done at this convention doesn't accomplish anything. I know conservatives are right now accusing me of coddling the jihadists, but the issue is what is best for America. There are a lot of things that we have a right to say that we shouldn't say." The Factor agreed that free speech comes along with responsibility: "The group had the right to do what it did, but they set up a demeaning situation to inflame radical Muslims. What if a baby had been shot in the crossfire? Would it have been worth it?"
ISIS Brutality Continues
Islamic State terrorists slaughtered hundreds of people in Iraq over the weekend and attacked that nation's largest oil refinery. The Factor asked Lt. Col. Ralph Peters for an update on ISIS. "The Obama administration has ignored this problem for so long," Peters groused, "that a minor problem has become a global one. We keep hearing from the administration and the Pentagon that ISIS is being rolled back, but in fact it keeps expanding. These guys were on the ropes when Bush left office, this has happened on Obama's watch." The Factor concluded, "After all this time there is no strategy, President Obama is just looking around."
Police Under Fire
Fox Business Network host John Stossel analyzed the claim that American cops are increasingly under attack, both verbally and physically. "There is no evidence that anti-police rhetoric is on the rise," he protested, "and things are getting better, despite the headlines. Being a cop is special, they can use force on people. There are 900,000 cops in America and you can't tell me that lots of them aren't abusive - even if it's one-half of one percent, that's a lot of people. Commercial fishing and logging are far more dangerous than being a cop." The Factor contended that liberal leaders and their policies have made policing far more difficult: "Legislation like stopping 'stop and frisk' has put police in danger. There are more guns on the street because the far left says they don't want cops to stop and frisk people."
Radical College Professors
American universities are routinely teaching "white privilege," telling students that the USA is irredeemably racist. The Factor spoke with Kyle Olson, whose conservative watchdog group monitored a recent "white privilege" conference. "There were about 2,000 educators consuming this information," he reported, "and then going back to their schools and delivering it. They claim to not be racists, they claim they don't want stereotypes, yet they are pushing assumptions and stereotypes. Teachers are being trained to have different expectations for students based on race. This kind of 'white privilege' training for educators is going on across the country, and a lot of teachers are not standing up because they're afraid for their jobs."
Hillary Back in the News
Hillary Clinton has called for "comprehensive immigration reform," which some interpret as outright amnesty. The Factor asked legal experts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle to react. "She is saying that there should be a pathway to citizenship for everyone who is here illegally," Wiehl reported, "which is about 11.4 million people. But you have to go through Congress in order to do that." Guilfoyle accused Clinton of pure political pandering. "This is amnesty," Guilfoyle argued. "She wants to be on the record to make sure she cultivates the Hispanic vote. This is much further than President Obama has gone." The Factor pointed out that Republicans are also courting Hispanic voters, concluding, "Hillary Clinton needs the Hispanic vote to win, so this is a pure political play."
Presidential Politics
With the Republican field getting more crowded by the day, recent polls show strong GOP support for Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Republican Monica Crowley and Democrat Kirsten Powers examined the Rubio momentum. "He had a very strong rollout," Powers began. "The base likes him a lot and he has a lot of appeal. But his downside is his age and lack of experience. It's hard for Republicans to say Barack Obama was too young and then turn around and say they don't really care with Marco Rubio." Crowley characterized Rubio as a charismatic and competent candidate. "He got the expected bump in the polls, and he is such as star that he'll be able to sustain this momentum. He is fresh, young, smart, Latino, and very fluent on national security. He's like a 21st century conservative JFK."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Dave Goddard, Key Largo, FL: "During the recent unrest in Baltimore, I couldn't help but wonder why there is no rioting in Appalachia."

Gigi Weglarz, St. Petersburg, FL: "Bill, your Baltimore analysis is correct. Any local government receiving $1.8 billion and failing to improve education and the environment is corrupt."

Jody Svec, Kenai, AK: "I was investigated for a $250 carryover. And Juan Williams doesn't think the Clintons should be investigated?"
The Feds & The Clinton Foundation
The FBI, which is widely and deservedly respected, will eventually owe the American people a clear explanation as to whether or not it is investigating the Clinton Foundation's finances.
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