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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Bill's Mugs
Affirmative Action Debate
Guests:George Washington, The Coalition To Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights (not our first president)

In Michigan in 2006, voters struck down racial preferences for admission to state colleges and universities by 58 percent of the vote. It was appealed to the Supreme Court which ruled this week 6 to 2 that the people of Michigan have a constitutional right to say no to affirmative action in education. Do you agree with their decision? We'll debate the subject tonight with an affirmative action advocate.
Failed Foreign Policy?
Guests:James Carville

Columnist David Brooks from the New York Times claims President Obama has a "manhood" problem when it comes to the Middle East. We'll ask Democrat James Carville if this is a fair assessment.
Henry and Obama Travelling in Japan
Guests:Ed Henry

Fox News ace reporter Ed Henry is on the road with President Obama in Japan today. He'll give us the latest about the president's trip.
What Makes YOU Mad?
Guests:Heather Nauert

Tonight we read your angry viewer email and tackle issues like drone strikes, the folks to blame for the sunken ferry in South Korea and powdered alcohol. Don't miss Mad as Hell!
9/11 Memorial Museum Controversy
Guests:Megyn Kelly

On May 21st, the 9-11 memorial museum is set to open at ground zero. It will explain the historical roots of the terrible terror attack. At the museum, there will be a short film called "The Rise Of Al Qaeda" that some folks are very unhappy about for religious reasons. We'll explain tonight.
Honesty on the Internet?
Guests:Bernie Goldberg

Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson recently made a claim that a website took money to target her personally. We'll ask Bernie about it tonight.
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