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Friday, May 29, 2015
The Factor Rundown
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Factor Special: Fighting the Terror Threat
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War and Peace in America
"America's power overseas is in free-fall decline. ISIS continues to expand, murdering thousands, creating chaos wherever it goes. In response, the president speaks of climate change and touts his international record. In fact, there are few victories in the war on terror. Syria is under siege by ISIS; Iraq is tottering as ISIS controls about a third of the country; Yemen has no functioning government; Libya has no functioning government; In Nigeria, ISIS is aiding the savage group Boko Haram. Meantime, Iran has gained power throughout the Middle East by supporting terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. President Obama likes to point to a 60-nation coalition that has signed up to confront ISIS. Outside of a few countries that are undertaking a few bombing missions, there is little sign the coalition is effective. Maybe Italy, Spain and Germany have noticed the millions of people trying to cross into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Many of them are fleeing terrorism, much of it generated by ISIS. The jihad is advancing, yet the coalition is as impotent as any group could ever be. There isn't enough Viagra in the world. As American power recedes, tyrants like Putin in Russia take advantage. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Putin, promising him sanctions would be lifted if he promised to stop seizing more territory. Putin will take whatever Kerry gives him, and then do whatever he wants. Same thing with China, which is seizing territory that does not belong to it and developing its military in a dramatic way. This is a perfect storm of weakness. Not only is the USA reluctant to use its power, but NATO and the other Western countries do not want to confront evil either. Talking Points is aghast that American foreign policy is so bad. While it's true we can no longer police the world with ground troops, we can use our economic and diplomatic power to hurt countries that violate international law. We can also lead the world into confronting ISIS and the other barbarians in a meaningful way. All the foreign chaos is going to be a huge problem for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she campaigns for president. But in the end, it all comes back to President Obama, the most reluctant commander-in-chief this nation has ever had. Mr. Obama comes from an ideology that usually sees American military might as a negative. The far left in the USA historically have opposed using American power abroad. And now, after thousands of American military folks were killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the left is joined by some conservatives and independents who believe we should stand down overseas. But by withholding American power abroad, the president is plunging the world into a very dark place. Next up, a phony nuke deal with Iran that will empower that villainous country. God help the next president of the United States."

The Factor asked Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers to join the discussion on war and peace. "Your Talking Points were completely overblown," Powers declared. "For the 100th time, I have to tell you that Barack Obama is not afraid of American power. But we can't send ground troops because the American people are tired of ground troops after two wars." Crowley, to no one's surprise, was more in synch with the Talking Points. "The big lesson of recent history," she said, "is that when the United States is seen as weak, the good guys retreat, the bad guys advance, and the wheels come off the globe. I would reintroduce the number of ground troops that my commanders say would be needed to defeat ISIS, which is raging across the Middle East. Our enemies see President Obama as a 98-pound weakling."
President Obama Defines ISIS
Guests:Max Boot & David Tafuri
"Talking Points believes the number one problem in the world is the Islamic jihad. That's because Iran is tied into that situation and is close to developing a nuclear weapon. But even without Iran, when you have millions of Muslims believing they can murder infidels at will, you have a historical problem. President Obama now says that a 60-country coalition will 'slowly push back ISIL out of Iraq.' Slowly is the key word there. As thousands are being slaughtered, the USA and other Western powers are acting slowly. So let's break it down. The U.S. defeated the Iraqi insurgency, including al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Subsequently, the Iraqi government blew it, persecuting the Sunni minority, leading to chaos and corruption. President Obama went against nearly every general and national security person and withdrew all U.S. combat troops from Iraq. A huge mistake, perhaps the biggest error he has made. Jihadists began to run wild and infiltrated Iraq from Syria. The president ignored the situation and called the ISIS savages the junior varsity. So now we have another war in Iraq, with Iran fighting ISIS. There is extreme violence and thousands of human beings are being killed. Analyzing this, the president comes to the conclusion that it was President Bush's fault. While the Iraq War cost far too much blood and treasure, it was a victory until President Obama mucked it up. If 10,000 U.S. forces had remained in Iraq, ISIS could not have achieved a foothold and Iran would not be running the show. But you will never convince President Obama of that. Finally, about the 60-nation coalition the president refers to so often. It's a phantom! These countries do little or nothing and President Obama is hiding behind this phony facade. If there were indeed 60 nations committed to wiping out ISIS, these savages would already be dead. Does everybody get that?"

Foreign policy specialists Max Boot and David Tafuri joined The Factor with their analysis of President Obama's strategy. "You're absolutely correct," Boot declared, "in that this problem has arisen on President Obama's watch and he has to take responsibility for dealing with it. But he's not doing enough - since we began bombing ISIS, they have actually increased the amount of territory they control in Syria. We are handing the country to Iran on a silver platter." Tafuri, who advised President Obama, staunchly defended his former boss. "We should have left a residual force behind, but that would not have solved the problem with ISIS. Keep in mind that the withdrawal timeline from Iraq was set by President Bush before he left office. President Obama followed that timeline and he has made progress."
Revisiting a Controversial Ad Campaign
A federal judge has ruled that an anti-Islamic ad saying "Killing Jews is Worship" is permissible speech and must be allowed on buses in New York City. The Factor asked FNC's Judge Andrew Napolitano to analyze. "I agree with the judge," Napolitano said. "The speech is hateful and repellent and certainly provocative, but under the law it does not qualify as 'hate speech.' Hate speech, which is not protected, is speech that provokes a particular individual to engage in immediate violence. The sign does not meet that standard."
Veterans Against ISIS
An organization called "Veterans Against ISIS" is about to confront the terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere. The Factor was joined by former Army Sergeant Sean Rowe, who founded the group. "Our primary mission is to liberate Iraq," he declared. "We have nearly two dozen veterans right now and I'm talking to a lot more. We'll be working with locals over there and I'll put my team against four times the number of ISIS fighters." The Factor lauded Rowe's goals, but warned him that he is putting his life on the line: "You're going to a foreign nation and you're partnering with some people you don't know. They're looking for Americans to kidnap over there and I don't want to see your head on a stick."
Will the Jihad Defeat America?
"Close to two years ago, reports began surfacing that militant jihadists were gathering power in Syria. President Obama did not take any action. Then ISIS infiltrated into Iraq and a full-fledged ground war began. Once again, President Obama did little. Finally the situation threatened Kurdistan, a strong American ally in the northern part of Iraq. That forced Mr. Obama to step up bombing the savages, who were taunting the USA and the world by beheading captured Westerners on camera. But despite all the carnage, President Obama and the Pentagon did not develop any cohesive plan to defeat ISIS, which has captured the city of Ramadi, just 70 miles away from the Iraqi capital. This is a catastrophe, yet the administration still doesn't see the urgency. White House spokesman Josh Earnest actually says 'we have seen a lot of success.' Perhaps all Americans should send Mr. Earnest some sand so he can put his head in it. The Obama administration is losing the fight against ISIS. That savage group is now operating in nine countries. Talking Points believes that the apathy the administration has shown to this growing worldwide threat endangers all Americans. The best historical comparison I can give you is President James Buchanan, who ignored the growing threat of secession from the southern states. He did little to keep the country together and the bloody civil war broke out. Thank God Abraham Lincoln had the guts and intelligence to win that war. If President Obama doesn't kick it into gear quickly, the next president will be facing an armed conflict in the Middle East that will dwarf anything we have seen so far, including the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The Factor pursued the ISIS debacle with author Michael Rubin and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer. "ISIS is on the move," Shaffer warned, "and what they're doing in Afghanistan is quite brilliant. They've partnered with another terror organization and my sources tell me that they have control of five northern provinces in Afghanistan and they're taking over the drug trade in the south. They are beheading, threatening, and going after the mineral resources in north Afghanistan. The Pentagon is downplaying all this." Rubin denounced the administration for being totally unrealistic about the threat. "In the fight against ISIS it's one step forward, two steps back. But the White House and Pentagon will only allow the reporting of the one step forward, so we don't recognize that we are losing this war. This is willful incompetence."
Watters' World: Track Chair Edition
Guest:Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters paid another visit to some severely wounded vets who have received high tech track chairs through the Independence Fund. "We were ambushed by 35 enemy insurgents in Iraq," Sgt. Tommy Rieman of Kentucky recalled, "and I used my body as a shield to protect my gunner. I had six months worth of every narcotic you could think of, but now I'm on top of the world and have the greatest relationship with my kids." Sgt. Mike Verado of Rhode Island related a similar story. "We were on patrol and I triggered a land mine that had been hooked up to homemade explosives. It was total chaos, then I woke up at Walter Reed and found out I had lost my leg." Verado credited the chair with essentially giving him a new life. "You can do whatever you can think of. I go hunting with it, romp around in the woods, there really are not many limits." Rieman concluded with a personal message to Bill, saying, "Thanks for everything that you're doing and for being a voice for the Independence Fund."
Social Media Threats From ISIS
Guest:Melissa Francis
After Twitter deleted some hateful propaganda messages sent by ISIS, the terrorist savages threatened to kill Twitter's CEO and other employees. The Factor asked Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Francis to pick up the story from there. "The Twitter people can shut down or suspend an account," she reported, "and they have a number of reasons to do that. The ISIS folks are out there getting more support and inspiring people to do lone wolf attacks." The Factor surmised, "I bet the U.S. government is watching all this tweeting and isolating people who are crazy."
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