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Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Candidates Blaming The Media
"Almost every politician feels that one news operation or another does not give them a fair shake. Yesterday Senator Ted Cruz surprised me by saying, 'I'm sure that we'll see on every show on Fox today the shockingly impressive third-place finish of Cruz.' The senator was being sarcastic, apparently believing that FNC favors Marco Rubio. I can't speak for Fox News, but I can tell you that Senator Rubio has been much easier to book than Senator Cruz. We invited him on tonight, we invited him on tomorrow night, and we invited him on earlier this week. I don't really know what else to do. I want the candidates to complain if they feel aggrieved, but I don't want them to be paranoid. Here's how the campaign should be covered. On the hard news side, just report the facts, we don't need any shading. Commentators like me are free to give opinions on just about everything. Morning hosts, they're opinion people, too. So while candidates like Hillary Clinton might feel Fox News is stacked against them, it's only true in some precincts. I go out of my way to keep it about issues unless a politician strays into dubious areas like the email deal. That being said, I have defended Hillary Clinton from cheap shots and stayed away from any and all personal attacks. But it's easy for politicians to dodge tough interviews by saying they'll be treated unfairly. One guy who does not dodge is Donald Trump, although he does hold a grudge if you hit him hard. He has said that some people in the press are 'great,' but added that '50% are the worst people I've ever met.' Hard to argue with that, myself of course excluded. Summing up, hard news folks should be just the facts, commentators are free to comment, and the candidates should not take it personally unless personal attacks are used."
Rubio On His Campaign Strategy
The Factor welcomed Marco Rubio, who took full responsibility for his much-ridiculed debate performance in New Hampshire. "I went into that debate in hopes of not having a Republican-on-Republican fight," he said. "When I was attacked by Governor Christie, I tried to pivot back to something I'll continue to say, that Barack Obama is trying to change the role of our country. I repeated it three or four times, but except for those 90 seconds, at every debate I've been among the best." Rubio looked ahead to South Carolina and the upcoming primary. "The state has a large commitment to national security and there are differences between the candidates. The only budget Ted Cruz ever voted for was a budget that cut defense." The Factor pointed out that Rubio's attacker in New Hampshire is no longer a candidate: "For Chris Christie it was a Pyrrhic victory because he didn't gain anything and now he's out of the race. I'm surprised the voters held it against you so much."
Lindsey Graham on His Endorsement of Jeb
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has made no secret of his disdain for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. He joined The Factor to explain. "Donald Trump is unprepared to be commander-in-chief," Graham declared, "and he has no idea what he's talking about. If he knew anything about the war, the last thing he would say is that we are going to ban all Muslims from coming to America. We have men and women who are in harm's way, surrounded by millions of Muslims. He's making their lives very difficult. And I don't trust Ted Cruz." Graham also reiterated his strong support for Jeb Bush, saying, "He's been through crisis management, he's steady, he has the temperament and judgment I'm looking for in a president."
Is it True: Accusations Against Wounded Warriors
There have been allegations that the Wounded Warriors Project is plagued by out-of-control spending on luxurious getaways. The Factor asked for a dose of truth serum. "These allegations have caused a firestorm," said Eric Shawn, "and they're referring to a meeting that the Wounded Warriors held two years ago at a resort. CBS and the New York Times claim that about $3-million was spent, but Wounded Warriors says they got discounted rooms and nothing is out of line. Charity Navigator says 60% of Wounded Warriors money goes to the warriors." Shannon Bream turned to San Antonio, where a tabloid newspaper threatened to publish the addresses of city cops. "I talked with the editor of the paper tonight," Bream reported. "She said she might publish names and addresses, but only of 'bad cops' who have been convicted."
Stock Market Turmoil
After taking another drubbing Thursday, U.S. stocks are down by about 10% this year. Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs did his best to explain. "The Chinese economy does not seem to be coming in for a soft landing," he said, "and that is impacting jobs here. Low oil prices are causing smaller exploration and refining companies to go bankrupt. The real unemployment rate is at about 10% and nearly all the smart guys on Wall Street think we're in trouble. Earnings are mediocre at best, our growth is low, and we are watching recession grip the European Union."
Racial Pandering
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are furiously courting black voters, who will help decide the Democratic nomination. "South Carolina is right around the corner," Bernie Goldberg said, "and there are a lot of black voters there, so they're in full pandering mode. Hillary Clinton talks about how parents shouldn't have to be worried about their kids getting harassed and even shot because of the color of their skin. It would be nice if some reporter asked her at a debate, 'Mrs. Clinton, do you really think racist cops are running rampant in black communities?' Someone should also ask her whether the breakdown of the black family is a bigger problem than cops. It would also be nice if someone asked Bernie Sanders about blacks and Latinos committing a disproportionate amount of crime." The Factor reminded Goldberg, "If we did ask those questions, the leadership of the black community would attack us."
Watters asks NYC about NH Primary
The New Hampshire primaries were a big deal for news junkies, but millions of others are not engrossed in politics. Jesse Watters hit the bricks in Brooklyn and got these comments about the vote: "If it's something political, I don't know what's going on" ... "New Hampshire is somewhere on Long Island" ... "Trump says he's going to bring water boarding back and I think that makes us unsafe" ... "I would vote for Obama all over again." Back in the studio, Watters reported that "about 75% of the people had no idea there was a primary the night before."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Jim Trump, Liberty Township, OH: "Bill, you are so in the tank for Trump, you are looking like a goldfish."

Ray Shinosky, Farmington Hills, MI: "O'Reilly, kudos for asking Mr. Trump the tough questions."

Scott Dryer, Brandon, FL: "Too much Trump! None of the other candidates get that much air time on The Factor."

Ellen Lopez, Charlotte, NC: "Bill, your Tip of the Day showing Cam Newton repeatedly saying 'at the end of the day' illuminated your caustic, self-important and pompous personality."
Bernie and Bill
Appearing on Stephen Colbert's show, Bernie Sanders advised folks to vote for him because Bill has facetiously vowed to move to Ireland if Sanders is president. Bill reiterated that there is no chance of that happening, but also extended an open invitation for Sanders to visit the No Spin Zone.
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