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Friday, September 19, 2014
The Factor Rundown
How the Internet Makes Evil Stronger
"We are living in a dangerous, fast-changing world. Machines dominate the lives of Americans and are also very useful tools to terrorists. This week Bill Clinton said that ISIS, al Qaeda and other killers can now recruit online, instill fear online, and instantly publicize their homicidal exploits worldwide. And yesterday ISIS showed pictures of captured British national John Cantlie, who was forced to make a propaganda video and is in grave danger of losing his life. The terrorists have an enormous amount of power right at their fingertips. On the home front, Home Depot has just announced that is has been hacked, and 56 million shoppers now have their information in cyberspace. Hackers have stolen explicit photos from more than one hundred celebrities; Chinese hackers have stolen information from U.S. military contractors and American companies; and Edward Snowden stole national security secrets, which were put out on the net, endangering the lives of American operatives all over the world. On a more personal note, millions of children are addicted to their cell phones, personal computers and laptops. They can access almost anything, they can see the worst kind of pornography and violence, and there is little parents can do to stop it. This is a huge problem. There is no question that for all the benefits of the 'net, evil is flourishing there. As American children become adults, their interpersonal skills will be far less than in past generations. Narcissism thrives in cyber-space. It's all about me because I hold in my hand all I need to know. In the future, those who reject the online addiction will prosper, while those who succumb to it will fail. We are looking at a brave new world, and believe me, you're going to have to be brave to endure it."

The Factor continued on the subject with Internet safety specialist Katie Greer and cyber-terrorism analyst Morgan Wright. "The problem with the Internet," Wright said, "is that it's good and it's bad. It has created trillions of dollars of wealth, but it's also caused a lot of grief for our kids. You can not throw enough money at this problem to solve it, it's going to take a cultural shift." Greer lamented that high-tech malefactors are always one step ahead. "It's a cat-and-mouse game for law enforcement and parents, how do we keep up with this technology that is changing so quickly? Who will get there first, the good guys or the bad guys?" The Factor reiterated that technology poses a new world of perils: "Sick people who would have been shunned years ago now have the power to get the sickness out there to everybody. There is a tremendous deterioration of the moral fiber of the United States because of these machines."
How to Defeat ISIS
Senator John McCain joined The Factor to analyze the threat posed by ISIS and the Obama administration's response. "This horrible terrorism has metastasized in Syria and Iraq," he lamented. "I have met with members of the Free Syrian Army and many of them have been killed because we refused to help them. Now we're telling them we will train and equip them, but we are sending them into an environment where Assad can kill them from the air. That's not fair to them, that's just wrong." The Factor reminded McCain that his stance on the war in Iraq is weighing against him: "You were very bullish on the Iraq invasion and the campaign in Afghanistan, and a lot of Americans are saying that didn't work to our advantage. That has soured Americans from supporting more action in that chaotic part of the world."
Welfare for Weed?
The federal government says it's okay to use welfare benefits to buy marijuana in states where it is legally sold. The Factor invited Geraldo Rivera to opine. "The marijuana revolution has happened with breathtaking speed," Rivera pointed out, "and federal regulations have not caught up. Food stamp benefits are decided on a state-by-state basis, and Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana. Marijuana use will come to be regarded in the same light as tobacco and alcohol use." The Factor contended that pot use will only make poor people poorer: "The only way out is to fight your way out, and that means you have to be sober and disciplined and do everything you can to improve yourself. You can't sit on the couch in a stupor, that is what drives poverty! "
Scotland Votes to Stay Part of the U.K.
Citizens of Scotland have rejected a referendum that would have divorced them from the United Kingdom. The Factor spoke about the vote with Fox Business anchor and British citizen Stuart Varney. "This is a very good thing for America," Varney rejoiced. "If we woke up this morning and found that the Scots want to be independent, that would be bad news for us. Britain would start to break up and they are our foremost ally, Europe would be less stable, and NATO would be diminished. The British have nukes on Trident submarines based on Scotland, and an independent Scotland would have gotten rid of them."
Unfair Media Coverage of the NFL?
The Factor welcomed Tea Party activist Scottie Nell Hughes, who put forth her unique take on widespread media coverage of the NFL domestic violence situation. "The sorority house of the Hillary Clinton-ites are getting ready to demonize all men," she theorized. "They're trying to portray this as a very sexist society, and therefore if you don't vote for Hillary Clinton you're a chauvinist. Why is this all coming out right now? We're opening a Pandora's Box because we're not letting the judicial system take its path." The Factor expressed skepticism about that conspiracy theory: "You're putting a political component into a social situation, the guys in the NFL who have committed these crimes don't have any political agenda."
Going Too Far With ISIS?
Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk joined The Factor to answer that deep question, 'What the heck just happened?' They analyzed Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's declaration that President Obama has to destroy ISIS "before we all get killed back here at home." "The Senator came off sounding like some shrill, bed-wetting Chicken Little," McGuirk groused, "at a time when we need sober, level-headed assessment. You can't sound like a panicked teenage girl when leading the country off to war." But Gutfeld defended Graham's warning. "He spoke of ISIS' intentions, and they want to do exactly what he said. No one ever loses a war by overestimating the enemy. I would much rather overestimate that underestimate, which is what Obama did. And if you replaced 'ISIS' with 'global warming,' he would have gotten a standing ovation."
Defending Megyn Kelly
Former terrorist Bill Ayers took some shots at FNC's Megyn Kelly, calling her a "cyborg" with "cold eyes." Ayers and all other bomb-throwers should at least try to be accurate when lobbing verbal grenades.
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