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Politicians to get their Midterm Grades
By: Staff Thursday, October 30, 2014
A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has some findings that should worry both parties. First, an astounding 68% of respondents say the nation is generally on the wrong track. And 72% - nearly three in four - feel the economy is "poor" or "not so good," while a miniscule 1% say the economy is "excellent." Perhaps those outliers are hedge fund managers or Hollywood producers. But before the GOP gets too cocky, they should consider that 39% of those polled feel Democrats are better suited to handle the nation's problems, while 37% put more faith in the Republicans.

The poll has one obvious flaw, however, and it is not the fault of the pollsters. 65% of those responding say they will certainly vote on Tuesday. But many of those people are expressing their good intentions, not what they will actually do. Turnout in midterms is usually around 40% and there is no reason to think this time around will be vastly different.

In fact, perhaps even fewer voters will cast ballots than in years past. Far too many Americans are apathetic, uninformed, and ill-educated. One doesn't have to tag along with Jesse Watters to realize that many people are simply not aware of what's happening in their nation and the world.

Millions of Americans don't realize that there are threats all around us. ISIS is growing in strength and would relish the chance to wreak havoc on the United States; the Ebola situation has been mishandled from the jump; and home-grown Muslim extremists are beheading people and assaulting cops.

But there is another situation that even more ominous than ISIS, Ebola, and Muslim terrorism, at least for the moment. Criminal illegal aliens are returning time and again to the USA, despite having been deported four times. In the most recent outrage, 34-year-old Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte allegedly murdered two police officers in California. The thug had been deported twice, once for selling drugs, but was nevertheless living with his wife in Utah before his shooting spree.

Bracamonte, also known as Marcelo Marquez, shot one officer in the head at close range, and later opened fire with an AR-15, killing the second cop. The officers leave behind a total of six children who will grow up fatherless, in large part because the feds simply will not do their jobs.

During an appearance in the No Spin Zone Tuesday night, immigration expert Jessica Vaughn laid it out starkly: "People who are convicted criminals keep coming back ... the Obama administration's priority has been to legalize as many people who are here illegally as possible."

Under our radical Attorney General Eric Holder, Justice Department officials have been extremely reluctant to prosecute criminal illegal aliens. Need proof? There are more than 200,000 illegal aliens in America who have multiple deportations, but fewer than 10% of them are behind bars. That is an outrage!

So before going to the polls, consider the threats facing you and your family. Which candidate is more likely to endorse travel restrictions from Ebola-affected nations? Who is more likely to take the fight to ISIS, or to call Muslim extremism what it is, not "workplace violence?" Above all else, which candidate is most apt to demand the imprisonment of criminal illegal immigrants?

Every single member of Congress should be demanding that President Obama and Eric Holder enforce existing immigration laws. They have not, and thousands of Americans have been harmed by criminals who should not be in America. It is a national disgrace, and every one of us is endangered by the fecklessness of our government.

We have far too many problems that are being ignored. American workers cannot earn the money they need to prosper, ObamaCare is a chaotic mess and a burden on the businesses that create jobs, and a record number of households are on government assistance. We need prosperity and we deserve security. Next Tuesday's election will either point us in that direction, or it will keep us on the same road to disaster. The question is ... will the folks wise up before it's too late?
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