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Tuesday, September 1, 2015
The Factor Rundown
The Family of Kate Steinle Plans to Sue San Francisco
"Imagine that your 32-year-old daughter was shot dead for absolutely no reason. That's what happened to Kate Steinle on July 1st. She was walking with her father when an illegal alien criminal took her life. 45-year-old Juan Sanchez, a Mexican national, has been charged with Kate's murder and is being held on $5 million bail. He was also being held by the County of San Francisco before the murder, but the sheriff okayed his release despite the fact that Sanchez had seven felonies and had been deported five times. San Francisco authorities knew this and let him go even after ICE asked for a hold on the man. Why? Because San Francisco is a sanctuary city and officials don't give a damn about harm caused by alien criminals. The Factor has proposed a new law that would provide mandatory five-year federal prison terms for any aggravated felon who defies deportation. That is known as Kate's Law. The federal government has failed to protect Americans from foreign criminals who prey upon us. The sanctuary city system is a disgrace, and President Obama has failed to do his duty. So it is time for Congress to pass Kate's Law and send a powerful message. San Francisco and the people who run it must also be held accountable. They knew Sanchez was a repeat felon, but they let him out of jail anyway. That is outrageous and should never happen again in this country. San Francisco must pay a price."

The Factor welcomed Brad and Jim Steinle, Kate's brother and father, who explained the rationale behind their impending lawsuit. "We're not a litigious family," Jim Steinle began, "but we have been frustrated by the lack of movement in regard to sanctuary cities and undocumented illegal aliens. We felt this was the only way we could get at the people responsible for Kate's death. We don't want another parent to have to go through this." Brad Steinle expressed frustration with politicians at all levels of government. "We met with Senator Dianne Feinstein in Washington after Kate's death. She was in favor of putting something together that would push cities to cooperate with federal agencies, but there has been no movement since then. Nobody is being held accountable for Kate's murder." The Factor lauded the Steinle family for keeping her murder front and center: "There will be votes on Kate's Law and defunding sanctuary cities, and your lawsuit brings attention to the fact that this is not theoretical. People are dying and you are trying to stop a gross injustice!"
Can the Steinle Family Succeed?
The Factor asked legal analysts Jonna Spilbor and Lis Wiehl to evaluate the lawsuit. "They have a good claim against the Bureau of Land Management," Wiehl surmised, "because an agent left that loaded firearm inside an unlocked car. But the case against ICE is tougher because ICE had a detainer that San Francisco ignored. ICE and San Francisco will hide all day behind the 'sanctuary city' policy.'" Spilbor agreed that San Francisco officials will be difficult to nail. "There have been prior lawsuits alleging the same thing and they have fallen flat. The courts have said the 'sanctuary city' laws are not written to protect people from violence, but to enforce our immigration laws."
Clinton Document Dump
The State Department has released 7,000 more emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton on the private server she used while secretary of state. Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers assessed the issues raised by the emails. "The Federalist did an analysis," Crowley reported, "and found that Mrs. Clinton repeatedly originated national security information over that unsecured server. She was originating classified information, she wasn't just a passive recipient." Powers agreed that the Clinton campaign is being damaged by the revelations. "Even if she's not the person originating the material, she's still jeopardizing national security because it's her server. She's the one who was putting the country at risk, which is why many people have lost faith in her. But what has come out so far is not enough to derail her campaign."
Is There an Epidemic of Violence Against Police in America?
Another cop has been killed, this time in suburban Chicago. The Factor spoke about the rash of anti-cop violence with criminologists Peter Moskos and Alfred Blumstein. "Groups like Black Lives Matter are making the job tougher," Moskos said, "but I don't think they are a direct cause of police getting killed. There are actually fewer cops shot this year than last." Blumstein agreed that radical groups are not to blame for cop killings. "There is a copycat problem, as there was with school shootings. I don't see that as necessarily coming out of the Black Lives Matter movement, but there has been growing tension between police and the communities." The Factor concluded by challenging the guests with a rhetorical question: "Every time there is a controversy about an officer shooting an black man, Black Lives Matter is out there stirring the pot. You don't feel that disturbed individuals watch this and act out?"
Dueling Political Ads
After Donald Trump released a video mocking Jeb Bush for saying illegal immigration can be an "act of love," Bush fired back with by showing clips of Trump taking some distinctly non-conservative positions. The Factor analyzed the feud with Karl Rove. "Both the ads are effective," Rove declared. "Jeb gets the chance to say what he wants, Donald gets a chance to say what he wants, and we all talk about it, which is what they both want." Rove, not a fan of Trump's, suggested that the front-runner's bombast is his most valuable trait. "As long as he promises to take the brick and throw it through the plate glass window, some people will be for him. But a lot of Republicans will find out that Trump's largest contribution in 2006 helped Nancy Pelosi become speaker of the house." The Factor reminded Rove that Trump's past positions have not cost him thus far: "All that doesn't matter if the guy says he's going to build a wall and deport millions of aliens. That's emotional, the others are more cerebral."
How the Networks Are Covering Black Lives Matter
Network news programs have ignored incendiary anti-cop language at Black Lives Matter protests. Bernie Goldberg cited an especially egregious example. "The lead story on the CBS Evening News," he reported, "was about the deputy sheriff killed in Texas. The reporter said the police chief made comments that were 'deemed insensitive by some.' He was referring to the fact that the police chief brought Black Lives Matter into the discussion. But the story never included the 'pigs in a blanket' chant by Black Lives Matter. CBS, NBC, and ABC were all showing their good racial matters, but showing the Black Lives Matter crew calling for more police deaths would be bad racial manners. There are no limits to white liberal guilt."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Bernard Perrott, St. David, AZ: "Bill, Republicans are just as responsible for the mess in this country as the president. They have nothing to run on. They have failed to counter the Obama agenda."

Mark Riddell, The Woodlands, TX: "The anti-establishment wave Trump is riding is happening because the Republicans in Congress have squandered the mandate voters gave them."

Darren Arrent, San Diego, CA: "Bill, your Talking Points saying that Trump is actually helping the Democratic Party hit an absolute low. Krauthammer also spoke gibberish."

Steve Wells, Hammond, LA: "Bill, I agree that Black Lives Matter is a hate group. They are literally celebrating the deaths of police officers."
'Killing Reagan' Coming Soon
The latest offering from Bill and Martin Dugard will be released in exactly three weeks. Expect a lot of controversy and some very interesting reviews. Also, the first book in the series, 'Killing Lincoln,' is now out in paperback.
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