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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
The Factor Rundown
Obama and ISIS
Guests: Charles Krauthammer
When did President Obama know about the growing ISIS threat, and why did he do so little about it for so long? Charles Krauthammer will be here to discuss.
Confronting ISIS
Guests: David Schenker
How should the reported beheading of journalist Steven Sotloff change President Obama's strategy in confronting ISIS? David Schenker, a former George W. Bush adviser on the Middle East, will provide us with answers.
Race and Politics
Guests: Richard Fowler
Laura Ingraham lays out in her Talking Points what she sees as a cynical ploy by the president to use the race card to improve the Democrats' prospects in the fall. Democratic strategist and radio host Richard Fowler will respond.
Will Biden Run for President?
Guests: Larry Sabato
After his fiery Labor Day speech, some are thinking Vice President Joe Biden is ready to make a run for the top job. Professor Larry Sabato has some thoughts on that.
Celebs' Nude Photos Hacked
Guests: Adriana Cohen
Celebrities far and wide are crying foul after private photos stores in what is called "the cloud" were hacked and posted online. Is anything private online and is it the celebrities or Apple's iCloud who are to blame? Radio talk show host Adriana Cohen will be here to discuss.
Illegal Immigrant Kills Two and Isn't Deported
Guests: Francisco Hernandez
An illegal immigrant kills two children in a hit-and-run and doesn't go to prison, nor is she deported. Immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez will debate Laura about our current immigration policy.
Howard Kurtz and Stephen Colbert Feud!
Guests: Howard Kurtz
Howard Kurtz and Stephen Colbert are feuding! We'll have the latest. Plus a U.S. senator says she has been subject to sexist remarks by fellow politicians but refuses to name names. Mr. Kurtz has some thoughts on a misuse of the "privacy" excuse.
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