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Thursday, October 30, 2014
The Factor Rundown
Vicious Racial Politics
Guest:Tavis Smiley
It seems the race card is being played by the Democrats in order to stimulate the African American vote. Fliers are being passed out in some states saying that if Democrats lose in the midterms, there was be more "Fergusons" in the future. These kinds of tactics divide the country. They don't unite it.
Verbal Attack on Netanyahu
Guest:Ed Henry
A recent article on The Atlantic website says a senior Obama official called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a chicken(blank). Ed Henry reports on who is believed to be behind the comments and how they could affect U.S.-Israel relations.
Public Safety Threat?
Guest:Lawrence Gostin
Should the American nurse who is defying the Ebola quarantine in Maine be taken into custody? We'll debate it tonight.
Upcoming Midterm Elections
Guests:Kate Obenshain & James Carville
We'll talk about two major races tonight: The North Carolina senate race is really vicious and in Colorado, will traditional voters take their state back from the far left? Obenshain and Carville weigh in.
Media Assessment
Guest:Laura Ingraham
According to a new book by former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Atkkisson, CBS News did not want her to talk with our friend Laura Ingraham about the Fast and Furious investigation. Tonight Laura weighs in.
Tasteless Halloween Costume
Guests:Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
According to social media, a popular Halloween costume among some this year is Ray Rice and his battered wife. The guys have plenty of thoughts on this one.
Finding Common Ground
Even if you disagree with someone on just about everything under the sun, it is honorable to recognize those rare occasions when you concur on something.
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