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Friday, October 24, 2014
Why the Federal Government is Putting All Americans in Danger
"From the very beginning, the Obama administration has screwed up the Ebola situation...On April 1, the organization Doctors Without Borders warned that the Ebola contagion was 'unprecedented.' On that day, the Obama administration should have begun formulating a strategy to deal with West Africans coming to the USA from the Ebola regions...
"In mid-August, Nigeria, Senegal, and a number of other African countries closed their borders to Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Also in August, British Airways and Air France suspended flights to those countries. What did the USA do? Nothing...
"On October 17th, Dr. Craig Spencer, who was treating Ebola patients in Guinea arrives back in the USA. The CDC reports he passed the Ebola screenings at JFK airport. Dr. Spencer is not quarantined...Yesterday Dr. spencer calls 911, is taken to Bellevue Hospital and diagnosed with Ebola. Now health authorities have to track down all the people with whom Dr. Spencer came into close contact...
"The Obama administration simply cannot handle the Ebola situation. The airport screenings are a joke, and the lack of a West African visa ban is negligence. That is the truth, but the liberal media, the Obama enablers, will not tell you the truth...The countries involved are poor and largely comprised of black Africans. That's why the Obama administration and the liberal press do not want a travel ban."
"It is long past time for the American people to rise up and demand that the federal government do its job, which is to protect us."
Reaction to Talking Points
Guests:Dr. Martin Makary & Dr. Ian Lipkin
Dr. Makary insisted we don't have a public health crisis in the U.S., but we instead have a media crisis causing hysteria over a disease that is not very contagious. The Factor countered that it's the federal government's job is to prevent an epidemic and to prevent hysteria. He also maintained voluntary reporting of the disease or its symptoms, which the New York Times is advocating, is impossible. Dr. Makary compared quarantining people who have been tangentially exposed to incarceration.

Dr. Lipkin denied that Dr. Craig Spencer, the infected NYC physician, acted irresponsibly, as he monitored himself and turned himself in for treatment once he developed a fever. But the Factor believes it would have been wiser for him to stay away from everyone for 21 days - or for the government to compel him to do so.
Dr. Lipkin said this isn't a practical solution with 150 people coming back to NYC alone from that part of the world every day. In the Factor's opinion, we shouldn't be allowing any of these people into the country for a little while to protect the public health.
Islamic Terror Attack?
Guest:Geraldo Rivera
In New York City yesterday, a hatchet wielding man attacked four police officers, before being shot down by the tops. One of the men was badly injured and remains in stable condition. Investigators are looking into a motive. Was Muslim extremism at play?

Before getting to the terror chaos, FNC correspondent Claudia Cowan joined the segment with a breaking news report out of Washington State - a freshman at a high school in Marysville opened fire in the cafeteria, killing one student before turning the gun on himself.

Back to the hatchet attack, Geraldo described the perp as an ex-con with a violent past who converted to Islam late in life. He reported the man was prone to ranting about the oppressive west. Geraldo deemed this sort of attack the new definition of terrorism: committed by a self-starter, lone wolf who wants to give some justification to his violent tendencies so he wraps it in the guise of Islam. The Factor categorized these attackers as lunatics who simply want to die.

Asked to weigh in on how law enforcement sees these attacks, Geraldo asserted the cops really see this as the next front in the war on terror.
What Makes YOU Angry?
Guest:Sandra Smith
Letter #1 - Off of the white privilege debate, a viewer wanted to know if he's entitled to special treatment because when his Irish immigrant parents came here they were subjected to discrimination. Smith laid out the current immigration landscape: more than 1 million people gain legal residence here every year, with Asian Americans being the fastest growing population because of they come here to fill skilled jobs.

Letter #2 - A letter writer complained that defeating ISIS shouldn't take years, as our leaders say, because Patton could have cleaned this thing up in a week. The Factor called the 62 nation coalition set up to fight ISIS a "paper tiger", as 52 of them won't even do any airstrikes.

Letter #3 - One person wrote in with a gripe about activist judges trampling on the will of the people when it comes to voting down gay marriage. Smith summarized that 30 states banned same-sex marriage in a vote. Of those 30 states, 11 were overturned by the federal courts. The Factor stated this is all about liberal judges saying the Constitution grants equal access.
How to React to Islamic Terror
Guest:Pastor Robert Jeffress
Christians are being persecuted in many Muslim countries by ISIS and other extremist terror groups. Christians have heard the old lesson of "turning the other check" but does that apply when it comes to ISIS?

Jeffress noted the majority of Muslims aren't terrorists, but he pointed out that Muhammad was a man of violence so when terrorists engage in these acts, they're following the example of their spiritual leader.

The Pastor contended President Obama has a responsibility, which is different than our individual responsibility. He cited Romans 13, which says that government is an avenger that should be chasing down evil doers.

The Factor asked, as Christians, if we are supposed to embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters. Jeffress reasoned that we should be trying to introduce them to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Before wrapping up, the Factor reminded viewers that the American Muslim community here has been largely peaceful since 9/11.
Shocking Video
Guests:Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
A group out of Ohio has released a video of young girls, some as young as six, cursing like crazy. The point they make: cursing isn't offensive, what's really offensive is oppression against women in the U.S.

The Factor submitted this was done purely for shock value, with one of the mothers admitting she let her child say terrible words to get attention for a cause.

Gutfeld suggested this "conversation" isn't about sexual abuse or oppression - it's about lousy parents using their kids to sell t-shirts. The Factor explained the fallacy here: this cause doesn't need this sort of attention because everybody knows sexual abuse and the oppression of women are bad things. In McGuirk's mind, everyone involved in this video should be arrested for child abuse.

Onto the subject of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts who is positioning herself to the left of Hillary Clinton. She was asked by an interviewer how she was treated in Congress as a woman. She claimed her male colleagues treat her differently but refused to elaborate. McGuirk shot down the discrimination complaint, insisting that men and women are different. The Factor mentioned Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York recently writing that her male colleagues comment on her appearance. Gutfeld alluded to Warren's history of relying on her identity (first as a Native American and now as a woman) rather than her achievement.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Debbie Viccello, Bainbridge Island, Washington... "O'Reilly, you probably fly on private aircraft. Those of us on commercial flights may be sitting next to someone with contagion. And we shouldn't be fearful?"

Don Summerside, Omaha, Nebraska... "A few years ago, some folks at Fox News had fun bashing Alec Baldwin over a taped message he left his daughter. So it seems hypocritical for you and Laura to whine about CNN's coverage of Bristol Palin."

Andrew Poloni, Ashburn, Virginia... "The two pastors [you had on the program discussing the Ferguson case] will never accept forensic evidence because their livelihood depends on confronting racial injustice."
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