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Friday, August 1, 2014
Bill's Mugs
Hesitating to Act
Guest: Ed Henry
We've noticed when the president is confronted with issues within his administration he says he's "looking into it" but never seems to act. We'll ask Fox News White House reporter Ed Henry why Barack Obama seems hesitant to act.
Border Chaos
Guest: Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs has been watching the situation on our southern border closely. Tonight we'll ask him what President Obama can do to secure our border and address the immigration chaos in the U.S.
President Obama Losing His Grip
Guest: Kirsten Powers
Critics say that with problems overseas and on our own border, the president is losing his grip. We'll ask Democrat Kirsten Powers how serious the problem is and what President Obama can do to regain control of the country.
Growing Anger in the U.S.
Guests: Kate Obenshain & James Carville
Polls show big time lows for both the president as well as Congress in the U.S. What accounts for the growing disapproval and is it too late to change things? We'll debate it.
Growing Threats
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
As we've been reporting, the number of threats facing the United States is growing every day. We'll ask Charles Krauthammer what the number one threat facing the country is and what President Obama can do to confront it.
Solution to the Border Crisis
Guest: Senator Marco Rubio (R)
Senator Marco Rubio says he knows how to handle the crisis at the border. He presents the facts and explains how we can secure the border and address the growing immigration problem in our country.
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