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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Is America Becoming Barbaric?
Guests:Monica Crowley & Kirsten Powers
A third video has been released by a pro-life group showing Planned Parenthood doctors in discussions about payment for aborted fetal body parts. The video shows in graphic detail how the fetuses are dissected and sold. Planned Parenthood says it is not doing anything wrong and markets the bodies of aborted babies to help science. Is our nation becoming more barbaric with how we treat the unborn? We'll show you this new shocking video tonight.
Addressing Sanctuary Cities
Guest:Ruben Navarrette
A new poll by Rasmussen shows that 62% of folks say the U.S. should take legal action against cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Just 26% say they shouldn't. Will this influence the federal government to crack down on sanctuary cities in America? We'll analyze the situation.
The Black Live Matter Movement
Guest:Kelly Riddell
The Black Lives Matter movement, which says African Americans are discriminated against in America, has vowed to disrupt the Republican National Convention. The group has grown tremendously in the past few months. The question now is, where does all their funding come from? Tonight we'll tell you who is behind the Black Live Matter movement.
Republican Front-Runner
Guest:Bob Cusack
A new Monmouth University poll shows Donald Trump way out in front in New Hampshire among likely Republican voters. It seems the media's focus on him has only helped his campaign. Can he keep it up? We'll take a look at the situation.
Tom Brady Update
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
The National Football League has denied Patriots QB Tom Brady's appeal and upheld his 4 game suspension for his involvement in the Deflategate controversy. Now we learn he may have destroyed his phone to hide evidence. Is it Legal breaks it down.
Satan in Detroit
Guests:Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
In Detroit, a Satanic group has unveiled a bronze sculpture of the Devil. What's this all about? Gutfeld and McGuirk explain.
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