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Friday, October 31, 2014
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Greg Gutfeld hosts The O'Reilly Factor, Friday 10/31
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"Normally people dress up on Halloween to scare others. But for liberals, it's always the reverse. They are donning disguises because they're the ones who are really scared. As the election looms and defeat terrifies them, in comes the 'I'm not a liberal' costume,' worn whenever things look bad. They drop the acoustic guitar and pick up the rifle; out go solar and wind, in comes the flag pin. It's the old trick - run right, rule left, and call everyone 'racist.' This deceit raises the question: If your beliefs are so bad that you can't defend them when they matter most, why hold them at all? If conservative principles are needed in bad times, shouldn't conservative principles be present at all times? As candidates scramble in terror from Obama, it really means they're running from themselves. For Obama isn't just the soul of the party, he is the party. And the candidates are the hangover. On Tuesday, Americans must supply the Alka-Seltzer."
Midterm Predictions
Greg welcomed his The Five co-host Dana Perino and asked her to peer into her electoral crystal ball. "The consensus is that this is a very good year for Republicans," she said, "especially as Obama gets less popular. The Republicans' get-out-the-vote campaign has been better than in previous years and it looks like they'll be able to win back the Senate. They'll also win some governor races and will increase their margins in the House. Most important, the state governments are mostly Republican now and they're even going to pick up seats there." If the GOP does indeed retake the Senate, Perino advised her party leaders to get right to work. "They have to restore dignity to the process. Harry Reid has been extremely destructive and even Democrats will say so behind his back. They could make a deal on corporate tax reform and put forth a good, comprehensive energy policy. Americans are also going to demand something on ObamaCare."
Playing the Race Card
Some Democrats, among them Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, are claiming that anti-Obama sentiment is largely based on race. Greg examined the racial politics with black conservative Deneen Borelli and white liberal Alan Colmes. "It is a reckless move on anyone's part to play the race card," Borelli declared. "They are afraid of losing control, that's what this is all about. What Mary Landrieu is doing is calling her constituents racist, and when you play the race card you are going into dangerous territory." But Colmes countered that the true racists are on the conservative side of the political divide. "When liberals point out racism, they get accused of being racist. What Mary Landrieu said was factually accurate - they didn't even integrate Louisiana schools until the 1970s." Greg lamented that identity politics is poisonous and dangerous: "This is more evidence that liberals are desperate and out of ideas. They're blindly flinging the race card like one of those death stars at anything that moves."
Blocking Ebola
A judge has ruled in favor of Kaci Hickox, the nurse who treated Ebola patients in Africa and is now defying Maine health authorities who want her to remain under quarantine. Greg analyzed the case with Geraldo Rivera. "I am very disappointed in the nurse," Rivera said. "She came back from West Africa as a hero after risking so much, and she was a martyr to rights being abridged when they threw her in that ridiculous 'Ebola jail' in Newark. But then she went home to Maine and went outside. C'mon! Why is she scaring people? She is probably right that she is not infectious, but why not wait until November 10th? I think she was selfish." Greg quipped that Hickox should be quarantined "for being obnoxious."
How to Prevent a Nuclear Iran
One of President Obama's top advisers, Ben Rhodes, told left-wing activists that a nuclear deal with Iran is as important to the administration as ObamaCare was. Former U.S. State Department official Ric Grenell and national security reporter Matthew Duss entered the No Spin Zone to opine. "Ebola would have been a better analogy," Grenell scoffed, "because that would pull in the dangerous and deadly element. What Ben Rhodes said tells us that the White House views this as a political issue, not a national security issue. We shouldn't be focused on any deal with the Iranians." But Duss defended the administration's effort to cut a permanent deal with Iran. "It's very clear what Ben Rhodes meant. Just as health care was a very important part of Obama's first term agenda, the diplomatic effort with Iran is the most important part of Obama's foreign policy agenda. So I find the consternation over that statement a bit confusing. We're doing this because we want to keep Iran's nuclear power under heavy inspection into the future."
Breakdown of the American Family
A new study by the American Enterprise Institute concludes that the American dream is being badly damaged by the disintegration of the traditional family. Greg welcomed Brad Wilcox, a co-author of the study. "What we're finding is that the precarious state of the American dream is really related to the retreat from marriage," Wilcox said. "Almost one-third of the growing economic inequality in this country can be attributed to the breakdown of the family, and wages are stagnating for ordinary families in part because fewer people are getting married and staying married. One of the best predictors of incarceration and inequality and teen pregnancy is family structure, which is not addressed that often in many discussions." Greg accused many in the media and government of avoiding the subject of family breakdown: "It is not cool to say families matter, it opens you up to mockery. But this study exposes how destructive the last four decades have been, with the preaching of self-fulfillment as opposed to sacrifice."
Intolerance on College Campuses
Elite universities have routinely banned conservatives from speaking on campus, but now left-wing talk show host Bill Maher is under fire from some students at UC Berkeley because he has been harshly critical of Islam. Greg, himself an alumnus of UC Berkeley, scrutinized the situation with conservative activist Josh Nass. "I don't even know if this is a genuine reflection of the viewpoints of the student body at Berkeley," Nass surmised. "I just wonder why CAIR won't seize on this opportunity and use it as a constructive way to have a dialogue, let them prove that they're the moderates they claim to be and call out the radical elements of Islam. If you are so confident about your perspectives, then why don't you challenge Bill Maher to a debate?" Greg concluded by delivering a verbal haymaker to the modern university: "Universities used to be bastions of free speech, but now that only applies when the speakers toe the liberal line. The campus these days is a beacon of intolerance."
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