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Monday, October 20, 2014
Why Americans Believe Things Are Out of Control
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
A new Politico poll of likely voters from states where mid-term races are tight clearly shows that most Americans are uneasy with the State of the Union. 64% say things in the United States feel like they are out of control right now. 36% are confident that the country can meet its challenges. Where does this uneasiness come from? We'll break it down tonight and ask Juan and Mary Katharine what they make of the results.
Ferguson Update
Guest: Benjamin Crump
The New York Times says that there is compelling evidence there was a struggle between 18-year-old Mike Brown and police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th in Ferguson, MO. It appears the conflict between the two started inside Officer Wilson's car. It was there that he fired twice at the teen. We'll ask the Brown family attorney what he makes of these reports and if they change how he sees the case.
Gay Marriage Controversies
Guest: Brit Hume
As we've reported, the federal courts are legalizing gay marriage all over the place and in Idaho, two Christian ministers say they are being threatened legally if they do not perform gay wedding ceremonies. Brit Hume analyzes.
White Privilege Debate
Guest: Stacey Dash
Last week, in a Daily Show interview, Jon Stewart claimed that
black Americans have a harder time making it because of historical injustice and the white power structure. Tonight we'll ask actress Stacey Dash, who is of mixed race, if the "white privilege" theory makes sense to her.
Who Will Challenge Hillary Clinton?
Guest: Karl Rove
Karl Rove reacts to a surprising new poll on who Republicans would like to run for president in 2016. The top name is none other than Mitt Romney. Will he run?
Ebola in America
Guest: Jesse Watters
Polls show that most Americans are well aware of the Ebola situation and many are very concerned. So we sent Watters to the Port Authority bus terminal in New York city to sample what the folks think.
Be Careful How You Act In Public
If you become intoxicated in public, it's very possible that your actions will be captured on video and could haunt you the rest of your life.
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