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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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A Low Point for Getting High
Guest:Matt Kibbe
"Once in a while the federal government can actually launch a successful health campaign; the anti-smoking posture the feds trotted out in 1966 has saved millions of lives. But smoking marijuana has been on the rise, as pot use is considered 'cool' in many circles and is politically correct. Now comes a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience that says smoking pot hurts your brain. Data suggest that the ingestion of marijuana creates brain abnormalities, directly affecting memory, decision-making, emotions, and motivation. Since almost 20-million Americans are regular pot users, this can not be a good thing for the country. Almost all of us have seen the tremendous damage substance abuse causes, yet marijuana is painted as benign in many circles. Some people can use booze and pot without much harm, but once getting high becomes a priority, a person changes for the worse. So why are we glorifying marijuana? There should be a campaign against pot just like there is against tobacco. Talking Points is not the morality police, but the 'United States of Intoxication' is not a good thing. I know I'll get letters telling me to butt out, but my job is to look out for you. If you care at all about your health and well-being, you will read the Journal of Neuroscience. Are you motivated enough to do that?"

The Factor welcomed libertarian author Matt Kibbe, a proponent of pot legalization. "I think smoking pot is bad," Kibbe conceded, "and I think drinking too much is bad and smoking cigarettes is bad. Where we might disagree is what the federal government can do to regulate and force behavioral changes." Kibbe questioned the wisdom of a government initiative to discourage marijuana use, saying, "I love parents and communities and peer pressure, but there are a lot of negative consequences when the federal government takes on these kinds of things." But The Factor argued that a federal campaign could save lives, just like the anti-tobacco messages did: "The government is going in the wrong direction, it's not good for anyone to use pot to get high!"
Nevada Rancher vs. Federal Agents
Guests:Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
As reported previously, there has been a showdown in Nevada, where rancher Cliven Bundy is defying federal agents who want him to pay fees for using federal land. The Factor asked Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain to opine on the standoff. "He has broken the law," Powers began, "but why are they harassing this man? The government shouldn't be sending in armed people and setting up 'free speech zones.' I don't understand why this guy is being forced off his land." Obenshain blamed the standoff on politics and Nevada Senator Harry Reid. "It's interesting that the Bureau of Land Management was able to make an exception for one of Reid's largest donors, but it can't make an exception for Bundy, who doesn't contribute to Reid. The government is choosing which laws to enforce." The Factor acknowledged that Bundy is breaking the law, but urged the feds to find a non-violent solution: "You can't allow this because it's anarchy, but just put a lien on Bundy's property."
Closer to War in Ukraine?
Guests:Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters & Colonel David Hunt
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Col. David Hunt analyzed the tense situation in Ukraine, where pro-Russian protesters have clashed with Ukrainian police. "President Obama is terrified of Putin," Peters stated, "and this is already a done deal. Putin has won, the eastern provinces of Ukraine are gone, and the only question is how ugly the end game is going to be. He is not going to let go and Obama won't make him. President Obama believes you can negotiate with cancer tumors, he is a fool and a weakling'" Hunt theorized that sending aid to Ukraine would be fruitless. "You can't give aid to a non-existent government that is not functioning. Europe is not behind us, the American people don't want to do anything, and Putin has won so far."
Ending Muslim Spying Program
Guests:Bill Stanton & Eric Adams
The New York City Police Department, with the support of ultra-liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio, has ended an anti-terror program that targeted Muslims for surveillance. The Factor invited former NYPD officers Eric Adams and Bill Stanton to opine. "The methods we were using," Adams said, "came up with zero leads. Many of our mass murderers go to church, but do we go after every church? The most important thing in this country is the right to religious freedom." But Stanton contended that mosques and other Muslim gathering places merit special attention. "Where were the brothers in Boston congregating? They went to a mosque. It seems that influence and information goes through mosques, and we need to monitor." The Factor proposed a Solomonic solution: "I would not have discontinued the program, but I would have limited it. If you have a radical cleric and a radical crew in a certain mosque, you have to check them out. Most terrorism at this point in history is coming from jihadists."
The D-Man is fired up!
Guest:Dennis Miller
Playing the role of provocateur, The Factor asked Dennis Miller whether Americans are aware of the events in Ukraine. "People don't know who George Washington is," Miller groused, "much less care that 'Goldnipple' just filched back the Crimea. People don't care and we have a president who tweeted 'OMG WTF' when Putin took the Crimea. Putin could take Odessa tomorrow and we wouldn't intercede unless they found that an endangered desert turtle got run over by a tank." Miller also fired some barbs at Attorney General Eric Holder, who has implied that he is often criticized because of his race. "I think Holder's bad at his job. I see that as a simple black and white issue, he sees that as a more complex black and white issue. It seems a little whiny, our top cop is on a crying couch."
Boston Bombing Anniversary
Guest:Martha MacCallum
On the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, MSNBC ran a segment about the Tsarnaev brothers' deep interest in martial arts. Fox News analyst Martha MacCallum elaborated on the segment. "This came right after Joe Biden's moving comments in Boston," she reported. "The piece never even answered the question that was posed in the intro, which was to find out some background about the Tsarnaev brothers. It talked about how kids wrestle and are raised to fight, as if that's supposed to be some excuse for blowing up people." The Factor concluded with a parting shot at MSNBC: "I don't know why you would even want to do this a year later, we already had the background of these thugs. There's something wrong over there at MSNBC!"
Woman of Steele
If you happen to catch Sage Steele anchoring on ESPN, keep in mind that she is a no-spin sportscaster who had the moxie to go toe-to-toe with the ladies of The View this morning.
Factor Words of the Day
Viewers sound off
Diane Drake, The Villages, FL: "Mr. O'Reilly, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Every single day our privacy is being challenged. If we use social security cards as voter IDs, the wrong people will get the numbers."

Debbie Ringler, Puyallup, WA: "Thank you, O'Reilly, for discussing the Christian perspective of life after death. It is remarkable these days when Christianity is treated respectfully."

Dave Driscoll, Thousand Oaks, CA: "There is no life after death. It's a comfortable fantasy."

Joe Wilson, Dothan, AL: "Bill, isn't dead people voting proof of life after death?"
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