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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Reaction to the Michael Brown Grand Jury Decision
This is a two-track story - the facts and the emotional aspect of what happened. Let's look at the facts first. A grand jury comprised of 12 American citizens heard 70 hours of testimony from about 60 witnesses. They also examined forensic reports, medical documents and police radio logs. They concluded that police officer Darren Wilson was not guilty of a crime when he shot Michael Brown to death on August 9th. After the decision, there was looting and destruction with more than 80 people arrested, hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and at least 16 people treated for injuries. My question is, where was the National Guard? Why were they not protecting the businesses in Ferguson? Governor Jay Nixon must explain why the businesses were left unprotected so the looters could run wild. Most Americans despise these looters, who have dishonored the Brown family. And then there are the pundits, the usual group of charlatans, who will say anything to get attention. Georgetown law professor Paul Butler claimed 'the fix was in,' and CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos said 'this was a rigged game.' By saying the grand jury process was rigged, Geragos is calling the jurors liars and worse. You can say you disagree with the grand jurors, but to call them corrupt is an outrageous smear. The whole case makes America look bad. There is nothing good about it, and last night's exposition in Missouri was flat-out disgraceful. Period."
The Grand Jury Decides
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
The Factor scrutinized the grand jury decision with legal aces Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle. "The witnesses' stories were all over the place," Wiehl said, "which is not good if you want to bring an indictment. Couple that with the consistency of the forensics - three autopsy reports were all consistent with self-defense." Guilfoyle agreed that the case was most likely properly decided. "The actual forensics are all consistent with Officer Wilson's story. The prosecutors did a great job because they presented exhaustive evidence. They wanted to make sure that the grand jury heard all the evidence about gunshot residue, about the trajectory, and the DNA of Michael Brown on the body and clothes on Darren Wilson."
More on the Grand Jury Decision
Guest:Charles Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the decision not to indict. "I believe that anyone who says this was 'rigged,'" Dr. K said, "is really smearing people in an unwarranted way. After all, the grand jury was chosen long before the incident even happened. The feeling I have is that the prosecutor Bob McCulloch thought there was never enough evidence to bring an indictment. However, he did not want to act unilaterally because this was a very sensitive case, so he did the responsible thing and let the grand jury decide. He showed them all the evidence, unfiltered and unadulterated, and they agreed with what I think he was originally thinking. A jury of impartial people decided there simply wasn't enough evidence."
Justice in America
Guests:Monica Crowley & Jennice Fuentes
Republican Monica Crowley and Democrat Jennice Fuentes opined on the looters who burned and ransacked Ferguson after the decision was announced. "A group of people decided they would break the law and engage in violence," Fuentes said, "and this must be prosecuted. This is just pure violence and we must keep the focus on what the long-term solution is to this issue." Crowley agreed that the thieves and looters have to be rounded up and arrested. "The cameras were on these looters who knew they were being watched and they did it anyway. They're not protesters, they're criminals looking for a pretext to rob." The Factor lamented that a few hundred looters are doing incalculable damage. "People watching those looters are angry, this sets back race relations decades. And Al Sharpton is one of the most vilified people in the country right now."
How Has President Obama Handled Ferguson?
Guest:Karl Rove
The Factor welcomed Fox News analyst Karl Rove, who scrutinized President Obama's reaction to the Ferguson verdict and its aftermath. "We should give him credit for speaking out and emphasizing the rule of law," Rove said, "but he spent a lot more time appealing to law enforcement officials to exercise restraint in dealing with the 'handful' of people who might engage in acts of violence. I wish he had done more to talk about the rule of law and to denounce violence and the human cost that violence will exact in that community." The Factor urged President Obama to put his bully pulpit to better use, saying, "He has not been outspoken about the tremendous crime and violence perpetrated by black youth."
Keeping the Peace
Guest:Chief Sam Dotson
The Factor pointedly asked St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson why Missouri Governor Jay Nixon held back the National Guard on Monday night. "I don't know if it was the absence of the Guard," Dotson replied, "it was the overwhelming determination of these groups of criminals that wanted to go out and do exactly what they did. The police did a great job, but the 2,200 Guardsmen who were activated throughout the whole region wouldn't have been enough last night." The Factor reiterated that Governor Nixon made a grave error. "There only a couple of hundred of these hard-core looters, but you're telling me that the National Guard couldn't have dissuaded them? I think there will be an investigation into that."
The Media's Involvement in the Ferguson Fallout
Guest:Bernie Goldberg
Bernie Goldberg entered the No Spin Zone and savaged those in the media who created an angelic portrayal of Michael Brown. "It's a tragedy when any 18-year-old kid is killed," Goldberg began, "but Michael Brown was the bad guy in this case. Please, America, let's not turn this kid into some kind of civil rights martyr, because that he is not! I was a hard news reporter for years and I saw some bad white cops, but Officer Wilson is not one of them. The villain in this case was Michael Brown, which is not something you will hear from most reporters because it is not politically correct. They always say they want an honest discussion about race, but they don't. They want a politically correct discussion about race." The Factor reminded Goldberg that he had just made himself a target of vitriol: "What you said is politically incorrect, you'll be all over the left-wing websites."
Some Entertainment Suggestions
On Sunday evening the Fox News Channel will show the movie version of "Killing Kennedy," preceded by a one-hour special that documents the story behind the movie and the book by Bill and Martin Dugard. Also, don't forget the Radio City Christmas show in New York City, which remains a tremendously entertaining spectacle for young and old alike.
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