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Friday, August 28, 2015
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Outrageous Comments
Eric began Friday's show with Hillary Clinton's declaration that, when it comes to the treatment of women, Republican are not unlike some terrorist groups. Political analysts Jeff Smith and Adam Goodman weighed in on Clinton's inflammatory language. "She is unbelievably unhinged," Goodman said, "and you are hearing the hyperbole of desperation from a campaign that is falling in the polls. Americans don't trust her, they don't like her, and they are now seeing her deceit and dishonesty. She is trying to deflect and attack." But Smith suggested that the real extremists are the Republicans. "Everyone is making such a big deal out of the words she's using, but I think Republicans are making a desperate attempt to deflect from their own party's rhetoric. The Republican strategy on immigration, to deport 12-million people, is totally ridiculous and everyone knows it." Eric reminded Smith that a majority of voters simply do not trust Hillary Clinton: "A new poll shows that the most common words associated with Hillary Clinton are 'liar' and 'untrustworthy.'"
More Drama for Hillary
Eric welcomed Fox News correspondent Ed Henry, who was essentially given the brush-off by Hillary Clinton Friday when he tried to ask her some tough questions about emails and her foundation. "Hillary Clinton is still on the defensive about the email issues and the Clinton Foundation," Henry reported, "but she is also trying to show her supporters and the Democratic faithful that she's combative and she's going to push back against the media. Democrats are really frustrated with her and they want to see her get this behind her." Henry also pointed out that Bill Clinton had requested permission to give very high-paid speeches to groups in Congo and North Korea. "He wanted to give speeches to two repressive regimes, which raises more questions about the Clinton Foundation. This shows the web of ties and overlapping roles in the State Department and the foundation."
The Inside Story
It's obvious that there is deep animosity between Republican rivals Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Eric spoke with political reporter Robert Costa, who has been investigating the family feud. "There have been a few moments of warmth between Trump and the Bush family," Costa said, "but those have been countered by lots of fierce criticism from Trump. He really broke with George W. Bush over the Iraq war and ever since then it's been pretty acrimonious." Costa theorized that the Bush campaign is relying on its very deep pockets to eventually overcome Trump's recent dominance. "Even though Jeb Bush has slipped in the polls, his super-PAC is sitting out there with $100-million. When crunch time comes in January and February, he'll be able to go on the airwaves and attack Trump."
Republican Front-Runner
Eric asked Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron to assess the hurdles faced by Republican candidates who have been overshadowed in recent weeks by Donald Trump. "A lot of them are frustrated," Cameron reported, "and a lot of them are trying to stay away from Trump, while Ted Cruz is trying to embrace him. The question is whether or not you take on someone like Trump, and Jeb Bush is trying to do that. Right now Trump has the biggest lead any Republican has and he is getting the activists in the early states on his side." Cameron added that Trump's rivals are looking ahead to the next nationally-televised debate. "There is another debate coming up in three weeks, and it may be the last time it is a two-tiered debate. The rest of the debates may have a field that has been whittled down considerably. It is still very early in the process and Trump has been very cagy by talking about half-expressed, very emotional rhetoric. If you look back at history, the people who were very hot at this point in the campaign tended to burn out." But Eric contended that Donald Trump's foes need to make their moves very soon, saying, "The longer his opponents wait, Trump continues to widen the gap over the rest of the field."
Trump in the No Spin Zone
Eric introduced some excerpts from Bill's Monday interview with Donald Trump. Bill specifically asked Trump whether he would deport a family consisting of two illegal immigrant parents and two children who were born in the USA. "We have no choice," Trump replied. "We have to send them out, and if they are wonderful people we will bring them back in an expedited fashion. We are a land of laws, we have borders, and these are illegal immigrants who are not supposed to be here. I have a bigger heart than anybody running, but our country is out of control. We have no order and we have to get a process started. If I am elected, illegal immigrant gang members will be out on day one. We're going to get them the hell out of our country!" Bill warned Trump that he could face massive legal barriers: "I think you're right about a wall, but you're wrong about mass deportations. They have to be held accountable and registered, but I can't see how the federal courts will allow agents to drag people out." Trump also fired a verbal barrage at China. "Not only have they taken our jobs and manufacturing," he groused, "but now they're pulling us down with them. They devalue their currency constantly in order to make goods far cheaper than we can, and I have said this is the biggest theft in the history of America. We make great products, but it's impossible to compete when our products are so much more expensive. We have nobody who knows how to handle China!"
The Biden Factor
Finally, Eric spoke with political observers Larry Sabato and James Pindell about the possibility that Joe Biden will challenge Hillary Clinton. "The Clinton campaign is clearly trying to keep him out," Sabato surmised, "because they don't want the incumbent vice president running against her. They would have to spend a lot of time and money and energy just beating Joe Biden, they'd rather put that in the general election. The Clinton campaign is sending subtle signals reminding Biden that they are way ahead of him in money and organization and delegates." Pindell agreed that Joe Biden faces a steep uphill struggle. "He is trying to figure out if there is a path to really run a legitimate campaign. The Joe Biden decision is the final remaining question mark of the 2016 race in terms of who is running and who is not. There is not a single state where he is in the lead, but if Biden gets into the race Democrats could begin to wonder whether they actually have a choice."
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