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The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Cuban Missile Crisis was announced by President Kennedy on a televised address to the public on October 22, 1962 and was the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full scale nuclear war. Wise up and take O'Reilly's History Quiz on the crisis below.
1. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a dangerous standoff between President Kennedy and which other head of state?
   Nikita Khrushchev
   Boris Yeltsin
   Joseph Stalin
   Tony Blair
   Francois Mitterrand
2. The Cuban Missile Crisis lasted for how many days?
3. How long after the crisis started did President Kennedy wait to tell the American people?
   One week
   One month
   One year
   He never told
4. By day three, U.S. leaders were considering which options to remove Russian missiles from western Cuba?
   "Surgical" airstrikes
   A blockade
   All of the above
5. The conflict was over what type of missiles?
   Surface to Air
   Missile defense
6. Which invasion is believed to be one of the reasons Soviets started to build the missile ranges?
   Bay of Pigs
   Gulf of Tonkin
   Invasion of Prague
   Bay of Bengal
   Gulf of Gulls
7. The missile sites were removed when the U.S. promised not to do what?
   Build more nuclear weapons
   Invade Cuba
   Become a communist country
   Invade the Dominican Republic
   Join the United Nations
8. After the crisis, what was communication system was put in place to help avert future crises?
   Red button
   The internet
   Direct hotline
   Messenger pigeons
   The United Nations Security Council
9. What treaty was signed soon after that marked the first agreements to limit nuclear arms?
   Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
   Disarmament Treaty
   International Atomic Energy Agency
   No Nukes Treaty
   Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
10. What is the name of the movie that came out in 2000 which depicted the Cuban Missile Crisis?
   Twelve Days
   Thirteen Days
   The Horror
   Bay of Pigs
   Nuclear War

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