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O'Reilly's History Quiz
The History Behind Halloween
Think you know everything there is to know about Halloween?

Wise up and take O'Reilly's History Quiz on All Hallows' Eve.
1. Halloween evolved from which Celtic celebration?
   Solar Festivals
2. Which religious holiday falls the day after Halloween?
   All Saints' Day
   Day of Mourning
   Day of Saints
   Candy Remorse Day
3. How much of all candy sold annually is purchased for Halloween?
   One third
   One fifth
   One half
   One quarter
   Two thirds
4. Which group of immigrants brought with them many of the Halloween traditions we have today?
5. Jack-o'-lantern were carved out of what before the pumpkin?
   Turnips, potatoes, beets
   Turnips, cabbages
   Apples and oranges
6. Thirty-five million pounds of which candy are sold each year, mostly just for Halloween?
   Cadbury eggs
   Candy corn
   Tootsie rolls
   Hershey's kisses
7. The U.S. produces more than twice the weight of what iconic building in pumpkins each year?
   Sears Tower
   Golden Gate Bridge
   Chrysler Building
   White House
   Empire State Building
8. Bobbing for apples was originally designed to help with what?
   Cleaning teeth
   Washing faces
   Washing apples
   Test for rotten apples
9. How much money is spent on Halloween annually?
   $2 million
   $7 million
   $1 billion
   $6 billion
   $10 billion
10. Jack-o'-lanterns are named after a man who was called what?
   Jack Sprat
   Stingy Jack
   Jack and the Beanstalk
   Jack and the Gourd
   Jack Black

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