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September 17, 2014
Great American songstress Diana Ross was one of Motown's most acclaimed acts as part of The Supremes, the vocal group that released megahit "Baby Love" on September 17, 1964. She went on to have an equally successful solo career in the disco genre. Billboard magazine even named her the "Female Entertainer of the Century."
1. What was Diana Ross' given name at birth?
2. Growing up in Detroit, Ross was neighbors with which fellow Motown legend?
   Marvin Gaye
   Smokey Robinson
   Stevie Wonder
   Gladys Knight
3. What was the name of the all-female singing group to which Ross belonged before they changed their name to The Supremes?
   The Primettes
   The Marvelettes
   The Vandellas
   The Contours
4. What was The Supremes' first number one hit?
   There Goes My Baby
   Where Did Our Love Go
   Stop! In The Name of Love
   Someday We'll Be Together
5. Which song, recorded by Ross as a solo artist, earned her her first Grammy nomination?
   Ain't No Mountain High Enough
   Touch Me in the Morning
   I'm Still Waiting
   Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)
6. Which song was Ross' last number one single?
   Upside Down
   I'm Coming Out
   Endless Love
   Love Hangover
7. Ross played which music legend in her highly acclaimed film debut, Lady Sings The Blues?
   Billie Holiday
   Ella Fitzgerald
   Ma Rainey
   Mamie Smith
8. Ross performed a concert at which venue in order to raise money for a playground in her name?
   Palmer Park in Detroit
   Harlem Waterfront Park
   Central Park
   Golden Gate Park
9. Ross performed the halftime show at the 1996 Super Bowl. Which team won?
   New York Giants
   Washington Redskins
   Dallas Cowboys
   New England Patriots
10. Ross' son Evan recently married which Hollywood it-girl?
   Paris Hilton
   Nicole Richie
   Jessica Simpson
   Ashlee Simpson

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2014  | PM Rating: A
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