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October 1, 2014
Great American politician George H.W. Bush served as 41st President of the United States, after assuming leadership roles in several previous administrations. He is the last living President who was a veteran of World War II. Furthermore, after leaving office, he has embarked on various humanitarian missions, even being awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama.
1. During WWII, members of Bush's Navy squadron gave him the nickname "Skin." Why?
   he always got sunburned
   he was skinny
   he had acne
   he never wore a shirt
2. On which social issue did Bush break with the Republican platform during his early career in the U.S. House of Representatives?
   birth control
   gay marriage
   medical marijuana
3. Under which president did Bush serve as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations?
4. Gerald Ford passed over Bush for the vice presidency and instead selected whom to join the ticket in the 1976 election?
   Dan Quayle
   Donald Rumsfeld
   Nelson Rockefeller
   Bob Dole
5. For eight hours in 1985, Bush was the first Vice President to serve as Acting President. Why?
   Reagan was shot
   Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's
   Reagan had surgery
   Air Force One lost its communication signal
6. President Bush resigned his lifetime membership in which organization after a very public falling out over his administration's policies?
   the NRA
   the ACLU
   the Traditional Values Coalition
7. How many Supreme Court Justices did President Bush appoint?
8. During his re-election bid, which conservative challenged Bush for the GOP nomination, shockingly receiving 37% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary?
   Bill Bennett
   Pat Buchanan
   Fred Thompson
   Bob Dole
9. In an unlikely post-presidential pairing, Bush famously teamed up with Bill Clinton to initially help raise relief money for which natural disaster?
   Hurricane Katrina
   Joplin tornado
   Haitian earthquake
   Indian Ocean tsunami
10. What is the Bush estate in Kennebunkport, Maine called?
   Walker's Point
   Walker's Landing
   Prescott Point
   Herbert's Jetty

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