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October 29, 2014
In honor of Halloween, this week we turn our attention to great American author Stephen King, who is the king of spooky stories. One of the nation's most prolific writers, he has published 55 novels, and almost 200 short stories, and many of his works have been adapted into feature films that have found major box office success.
1. What was Stephen King's first novel, for which he received a $2,500 advance?
   The Shining
   The Stand
   Salem's Lot
2. The rabid dog in King's 1981 novel Cujo is what breed?
   Golden retriever
   St. Bernard
3. Who plays the lead character, a death row inmate, in the screen adaptation of King's novel, The Green Mile?
   Tom Hanks
   Ice Cube
   Cuba Gooding, Jr.
   Michael Clark Duncan
4. Which King film adaptation is the only one to win an Academy Award?
   Shawshank Redemption
   The Green Mile
5. Where is the fictional Shawshank State Penitentiary, made famous by the 1994 film adaptation of a King short story, located?
   New Hampshire
6. In 1996, King collaborated with which musician to make a 40 minute music video entitled Ghosts?
   David Bowie
   Michael Jackson
   Stevie Nicks
7. The 2011 novel, 11/22/63, is about a time traveler who goes back in time to prevent which historic event?
   JFK's assassination
   Martin Luther King's assassination
   the Cuban Missile Crisis
   construction of the Berlin Wall
8. In 2013, King published a sequel to which of his early bestsellers?
   The Shining
   The Tommyknockers
   Pet Sematary
9. In 2013, King wrote an essay for the Kindle, and it quickly became a bestseller for On which hot button political topic did the essay focus?
   gun control
   gay marriage
   global warming
10. King is a notorious die-hard fan of which sports franchise?
   Boston Celtics
   Boston Red Sox
   New York Giants
   New York Knicks

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