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September 30, 2015
On September 30, James Dean died in a car crash

Take the to learn more.
1. Dean starred in East of Eden, which was an adaptation of which famous author's novel?
   Ernest Hemingway
   Herman Melville
   John Steinbeck
   J.D. Salinger
2. Dean was nominated for an Academy Award for East of Eden, but lost out to which actor?
   Frank Sinatra
   Spencer Tracy
   Ernest Borgnine
   James Cagney
3. Dean signed a contract with which studio?
   20th Century Fox
   Warner Bros.
   Paramount Pictures
4. When Dean famously began dating Swiss actress Ursula Andress, she was also dating which other Hollywood legend?
   Frank Sinatra
   Paul Newman
   Marlon Brando
   Tony Curtis
5. Which young actress starred with Dean in Rebel Without a Cause?
   Natalie Wood
   Jayne Mansfield
   Kim Novak
   Elizabeth Taylor
6. What kind of sports car was Dean driving when he crashed and died?
7. Which Dean film was released posthumously?
   Trouble Along the Way
   Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
   Rebel Without a Cause
8. In which sitcom, did one of the characters have a pictures of Dean hanging in his closet?
   All in the Family
   The Brady Bunch
   Happy Days
9. A modern day actor who starred in which movie franchise drew comparisons to Dean when, as a racing enthusiast, he died driving a Porsche before his final film was released?
   James Bond
   Fast & Furious
   Die Hard
   Lethal Weapon
10. Which current pop star features James Dean in the lyrics of her hit song called Style?
   Taylor Swift
   Katy Perry
   Selena Gomez

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