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Week of March 2
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines? Take Bill O'Reilly's weekly News Quiz and try to beat last week's 6.5 average!
1. As expected, Senator Rand Paul won the straw poll at last week's Conservative Political Action Conference. Who ran a surprisingly strong second?
   Ted Cruz
   Rick Perry
   Ben Carson
   Scott Walker
   Mike Huckabee
2. The Clinton Foundation now admits it broke an agreement with the Obama administration by accepting money from which nation?
   Saudi Arabia
3. Which has become the third state, after Washington and Colorado, to legalize recreational marijuana use?
4. An epidemic of violence in which city is raising concerns about its ability to host next year's Summer Olympics?
   Mexico City
   Buenos Aires
   Rio de Janeiro
5. The White House has begun referring to some illegal immigrants with what term?
   Non-native Americans
   Residents without papers
   Visitors missing documents
6. The giant online retailer Amazon has hired which former Obama administration insider to work in a high-level position?
   Jay Carney
   Eric Holder
   Chuck Hagel
   David Axelrod
   Kathleen Sebelius
7. President Obama met with whom at the White House last week?
   Al Sharpton
   Kanye West
   Bruce Jenner
   Dick Cheney
   John Edwards
8. One of the more visible young people at last week's CPAC event was Republican Party official Raffi Williams. He is the son of whom?
   Juan Williams
   Brian Williams
   Robin Williams
   Montel Williams
   Vanessa Williams
9. Ultra-liberal CNN political commentator Sally Kohn says she wants her 6-year-old daughter to someday be what?
   Fox News host
10. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has recommended that all American children read which of the following?
   The Autobiography of Malcolm X
   Dreams from My Father
   The Constitution
   Plato's Republic
   Killing Lincoln

MARCH 03, 2015  | PM Rating: A
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