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Week of 9/22
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines? Take Bill O'Reilly's News Quiz and try to beat last week's 5.23 average!
1. Last week Congress voted overwhelmingly to train and arm Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS. Which of the following Republican Senators voted no?
   Rand Paul
   Kelly Ayotte
   Marco Rubio
   Lindsey Graham
   All of the Above
2. Meanwhile, an intra-party feud erupted when Rand Paul accused his fellow Republican John McCain of posing for a photo with fighters from which terror group?
   Al Qaeda
   Boko Haram
3. Alibaba, the giant Internet retailer, soared to a market value of $231 billion after its Friday debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Where is the firm based?
   South Korea
   Saudi Arabia
4. The price of what reached an all-time high last week?
   Ground beef
5. After a months-long investigation, the Justice Department has cleared whom of criminal wrongdoing?
   Lois Lerner
   Al Sharpton
   Eric Shinseki
   Chris Christie
   Anthony Weiner
6. Dr. Ezekiel Emanel, a primary architect of ObamaCare, has decreed the perfect age to die. What does he consider the ideal age at which to cash in your chips?
7. Which musician will soon go on tour for the first time in nearly 40 years?
   Grace Slick
   Ringo Starr
   Cat Stevens
   David Bowie
   Aretha Franklin
8. A football star who has been in the news recently has fathered an estimated seven children by at least three women. Who?
   Ray Rice
   Michael Vick
   Jameis Winston
   Peyton Manning
   Adrian Peterson
9. Who is usually credited with devising the adage, "spare the rod and spoil the child?"
   Mark Twain
   Ben Franklin
   Abraham Lincoln
   Winston Churchill
   None of the Above
10. An increasingly common malady called "nomophobia" is the fear of what?
   Political arguments
   Never getting married
   Being without a cell phone

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