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Week of August 3
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week?

Take Bill O'Reilly's weekly News Quiz and try to beat last week's 6.2 average!
1. Investigators say debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished 17 months ago, may have been found on an island in which body of water?
   Coral Sea
   Arabian Sea
   Indian Ocean
   Bay of Bengal
   South China Sea
2. Which Republican candidate came under fire last week for bringing up the Holocaust while criticizing President Obama?
   Rick Perry
   Carly Fiorina
   Chris Christie
   Donald Trump
   Mike Huckabee
3. Meanwhile, another GOP hopeful said the national teachers union, the NEA, deserves a figurative punch in the face. Who?
   Rick Perry
   Carly Fiorina
   Chris Christie
   Donald Trump
   Mike Huckabee
4. UBS reportedly donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation after receiving help from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. What is UBS?
   Hedge fund
   Oil company
   Health insurer
   Software maker
5. Will Dana is resigning as managing editor of which troubled publication?
   Rolling Stone
   Huffington Post
   New York Times
6. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger said which of the following?
   I favor "the superior position assigned to the white race"
   "Segregation is not a humilation but a benefit"
   We should "create a race of thoroughbreds"
   "Segretation now, segregation forever"
   All of the above
7. The annual Margaret Sanger Award is the highest honor given by Planned Parenthood. It was bestowed upon which politician in 2011?
   Bill Clinton
   Barack Obama
   Hillary Clinton
   Bernie Sanders
   Anthony Weiner
8. Which U.S. city has ended its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics?
   New York
   Los Angeles
   San Francisco
9. Why was Walter Palmer in the news last week?
   Killed a lion in Africa
   Accused Donald Trump of fraud
   Murdered a policeman in Memphis
   Arrested for infanticide at his abortion clinic
   Named by Forbes as America's wealthiest person
10. Friday was the final day for some low-rated MSNBC shows. Which axed host didn't bother showing up for his or her finale?
   Ed Schultz
   Krystal Ball
   Alex Wagner
   Abby Huntsman

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