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Week of April 20
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines? Take Bill O'Reilly's weekly News Quiz and try to beat last week's 5.1 average!
1. Hillary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy for the presidency. Who is the only other prominent Democrat to have done the same?
   Jim Webb
   Bernie Sanders
   Lincoln Chafee
   Martin O'Malley
   None of the Above
2. 61-year-old Doug Hughes was arrested last week when he flew a gyrocopter onto the lawn of the U.S. Capitol. What is his day job?
   Bus driver
   Mail carrier
   He is unemployed
3. Hughes' stunt was meant to call attention to what issue?
   Health care
   Drone warfare
   Minimum wage
   Campaign finance reform
   Lack of security at government buildings
4. 39-year-old Nick Woodman is America's highest-paid CEO, with a 2014 pay package estimated at $284-million. His firm is in what business?
   Oil and natural gas
   Computer software
   Investment banking
5. Pope Francis used the charged word "genocide" last week when referring to crimes against the people of which nation?
   South Africa
6. It is being reported that Adm. Mike Mullen was informed in 2009 that Bowe Bergdahl was probably a deserter. What was Mullen's position at the time?
   Secretary of the Navy
   National Security Adviser
   Deputy Secretary of Defense
   Special Aide to President Obama
   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
7. Sunday marked 20 years since the deadly bombing in Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh was executed in 2001; where is his co-conspirator Terry Nichols?
   Executed in 2003
   Died of cancer in jail
   Imprisoned in Colorado
   Was murdered in prison
   Served 15 years, now a free man
8. Sunday was also the 50th anniversary of the celebrated "Moore's Law." What does it deal with?
   Oil supply
   Birth rates
   Global wealth
   Computing power
9. After last weekend's induction ceremonies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who is the only Beatle not enshrined?
   They are all in
10. Remember Tim Tebow, the former NFL quarterback who proudly proclaimed his Christian faith? Why is he in the news now?
   Joined the Marines
   Formed his own church
   Trying an NFL comeback
   Arrested for selling narcotics
   Starring in his own TV reality show

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