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Week of 7/28
1. Which nation is the most staunch supporter and funder of the terrorist group Hamas?
   Saudi Arabia
2. It has been revealed that a self-proclaimed champion of the downtrodden owns nine properties and is worth about $50 million. Who?
   Al Gore
   Bernie Sanders
   Michael Moore
   Elizabeth Warren
   Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
3. Gun manufacturer Beretta has announced it will move out of which state, which has enacted tough gun control laws?
4. When President Obama hit the golf course Saturday, his guests were Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, co-hosts of a show on which cable network?
   Fox News
5. The president has played about 180 rounds of golf since his first inauguration. Who played more than 1,000 rounds while president?
   Richard Nixon
   Woodrow Wilson
   George H.W. Bush
   Franklin Roosevelt
   Dwight Eisenhower
6. America's youngest multi-billionaire got much richer last week when his fortune ballooned by $1.6 billion on Thursday alone. Who?
   Jeff Bezos
   Larry Page
   Michael Dell
   Eric Schmidt
   Mark Zuckerberg
7. It's been 45 years since Apollo 11 reached the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the lunar surface while which astronaut orbited the moon?
   James Lovell
   Alan Shepard
   Eugene Cernan
   Michael Collins
   Walter Cunningham
8. Which best-selling author denounced Christians and the Tea Party for not welcoming Central American immigrants with open arms?
   Dan Brown
   J.K. Rowling
   Stephen King
   John Grisham
   Danielle Steel
9. Senator John Walsh of Montana severely damaged his re-election chances last week when he admitted to what?
   Having a felony record
   Using a homophobic slur
   Sending inappropriate tweets
10. Who will replace Diane Sawyer when she steps down as anchor of ABC World News in September?
   Dan Harris
   Juju Chang
   David Muir
   Martha Raddatz
   Elizabeth Vargas

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