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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
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San Francisco Chronicle shames itself
"Less than 24 hours after the New York Times corrected its misreporting that I said war protestor Cindy Sheehan's behavior was 'treasonous,' the San Francisco Chronicle did essentially the same thing. In an editorial glorifying Ms. Sheehan, the Chronicle wrote that I have been 'calling her actions treasonous, or implying as much.' That is absolutely false. I never said or implied that Ms. Sheehan was treasonous. Now, on to Iraq. If you want the USA to lose this fight, you're a bad American. You can oppose the action, but rooting for your country to lose is inexcusable. At this point the cut-and-run crowd has no case. If Iraq descends into chaos, yet another terrorist state will emerge. On the right, it's not enough to blindly support the Bush administration. The President would be wise to replace Donald Rumsfeld with a wartime military commander. The Secretary is a patriot, but he's exhausted. President Bush must know that only real progress will keep the American people from turning against him. I for one am praying for that progress."

Fox News Video:

A no-spin look at Iraq
Guests: Fox News analyst Zell Miller & Fox News military analyst Gen. Thomas McInerney

For more on Iraq, The Factor was joined by Fox News analysts Gen. Thomas McInerney and Zell Miller, both of whom claimed the war is going far better than most news reports indicate. "We have made enormous progress," General McInerney said. "The coalition forces have built schools and hospitals and have gotten the economy going. The terrorists and the insurgents are fighting even harder because they know they are losing." Miller agreed, and disputed the suggestion that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should step down. "I would rather have an exhausted Rumsfeld than a fresh and invigorated someone else. He is enough of a patriot and a good soldier to know when it's time to leave, but right now I don't see any reason to replace him." The Factor argued the other side, pointing out that insurgent attacks have increased over the past year. "I'm not a military guy, but that says that things are getting worse there. All the insurgents have to do is to continue to create terror and chaos, and we haven't been able to get the terror component under control."

Miller, the former Democratic Senator from Georgia, also addressed the Cindy Sheehan controversy. "I think she is being used. Her agenda is one she had even before her son was unfortunately killed, and his death has given her a soapbox. He did not die in vain - it was on a hero's mission." The Factor pointed out that Sheehan has become a darling of many in the media. "Newspapers in America are 20 to 1 in favor of Cindy Sheehan and propping her up and giving her legitimacy. That is going to spill over into the general population. The far left is trying to pull the Vietnam game all over again and erode support for the war."

Muslim cleric to be deported
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

In Lodi, California, 39-year old Muslim leader Shabbir Ahmed has been declared a danger to the community and ordered deported to his native Pakistan. An FBI agent had testified that Ahmed passed information to Al Qaeda. Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano called the deportation un-American. "We can't punish people because we think they are dangerous. The FBI is deporting him because he is preaching hate speech, which is protected speech." The Factor jokingly questioned Judge Napolitano's sanity, and argued that Shabbir Ahmed has to go. "If the FBI thinks he's a bad guy, then we say 'sorry, you're going back to Pakistan.' He's not an American and the Constitution doesn't apply to people seeking a visa."

BTK Killer to be sentenced
Guests: Investigative reporter Aphrodite Jones & Detective Kelly Otis

Serial killer Dennis Rader, known as the BTK killer ("bind, torture, kill") is about to be sentenced in Kansas. Wichita detective Kelly Otis described Rader as the ultimate sociopath. "Rader is at the top of the list for his ability to feel no remorse. He is a sexual predator, a rapist, a serial killer, and a family man. He could commit his heinous crimes, then go right back to his family for Sunday dinner. I've never seen anybody like this." While Rader is not eligible for the death penalty, reporter Aphrodite Jones predicted that prosecutors will use the sentencing hearings to expose his depravity. "This man taunted police until he was caught after 25 years. He thought he was going to continue to commit murders. The prosecution is going to present evidence about just how horrific his crimes were." The Factor described Rader is the personification of evil. "Words like bizarre and sociopath don't really define this man. The three days of testimony are necessary to teach Americans that evil does exist, and here it is."

Press runs with celebrity divorces
Guests: Harvey Levin, Celebrity Justice & Jeannie Wolf, writer & radio personality

Some in the media seem to relish reporting on the marital breakup of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and Pitt's new romance with Angelina Jolie. Reporter Jeanne Wolf defended her colleagues in the entertainment press. "This is just part of our society. No one is saying whoopee, another marriage broke up, but we all like diversion." Harvey Levin of Celebrity Justice placed the blame on entertainers and their publicists. "If you think these stars don't have a part in the publicity machine, you're wrong. Stars basically are saying that what happens in my personal life, I'm going to use in my professional life." The Factor complained that many in the celebrity media seem to revel in bad news. "This makes me queasy. It seems like these magazines are almost celebrating this divorce. I'm seeing this and saying where are we in America when this kind of stuff is acceptable?"

Lesbian moms fight for custody
Guests: Mother Lisa Miller & attorney Mat Staver

Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins were legally united by a civil union in Vermont, then moved to Virginia, where Miller gave birth via artificial insemination. The two women broke up and are now fighting a heated custody dispute involving courts in both states. Appearing on The Factor, Miller asserted that 3-year old Isabella is entirely hers. "I am my daughter's mother and I am the only mom. It is my Constitutional right to raise my daughter as I see fit. I left the relationship because it was abusive." Miller's attorney Mathew Staver predicted there may be a flood of many similar cases. "What we have here are the classic conflicts that will inevitably ensue wherever there is same-sex marriage or civil union laws." The Factor suggested that this could ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court. "You've got two states with different rulings, a little baby in between, and two adults. It's a fascinating case."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Most of your e mails continued to deal with anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan. Some excerpts:

Nina Monroe, Buckhannon, WV: "My son lost his leg in Iraq. I understand the grief Ms. Sheehan must feel but I believe the radical left is exploiting her."

Tony Wood, Highland, CA: "Hey, Bill, your trying to discredit Cindy shows how insensitive you are to those who want peace."

Nita Alexander, Rockaway, NJ: "Mr. O'Reilly, your tone implies Ms. Sheehan's alliance with the far-left is a bad thing. Not so. We like the far-left."

Brenda Paice, Conyers, GA: "Bill, you are wrong for a change. Even though I disagree with Cindy, she has every right to change her mind about Bush's character."

Bob Kantor, Palo Alto, CA: "The fact that Joe Trippi, an important Democrat, found nothing objectionable about Cindy Sheehan calling President Bush a killer explains why his party is not trusted with the defense of this country."