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Friday, October 9, 2009
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Pres. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
"If you listen to talk radio today, some are very agitated that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Critics rightfully point out that President Obama hasn't done anything concrete to bring peace to the world. The Nobel people say it was Obama's mostly pre-presidential rhetoric that got him the award. On the other side, President Obama is a predator drone kind of guy - his administration is blowing the hell out of terrorists in Pakistan from the sky. It's justified, but not exactly peaceful. The president is also waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq; again, justified, but brutal. So on paper, this looks to be a political prize. Talking Points understands the dissent, but does not share it. Having a U.S. president honored with a peace prize is good for the country. We should want the world to think we're a nation that gives peace a chance, because that's what we are. There are times when what's good for America should trump partisan politics. President Obama was honored today and the world is hearing 'America' and 'peace' in the same sentence. That's good."

The Factor was joined by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who generally concurred with Talking Points. "We should be proud," Wallace said, "that an American has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I thought President Obama struck exactly the right note when he said he doesn't belong in the same company as transformative figures like Nelson Mandela who have won this award. He said he'll accept it as a 'call to action,' and all we can do is hope he'll achieve that. But the primary reason Barack Obama got this award is because he's not George W. Bush." The Factor again congratulated the president, but criticized the Norwegian politicians who made the selection: "It's a win for the country and there's no reason to be upset. But the Nobel committee is made up of dopes - President Obama doesn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, he hasn't done anything. Everybody knows this is a charade."

Professor Marc Lamont Hill, normally a staunch supporter of President Obama, declared his extreme displeasure with the Nobel committee's decision. "I was stunned," Hill said. "I'm a traditionalist when it comes to these things, and I assume that someone who wins the Nobel Peace Prize would bring about peace. But after prosecuting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with people unsafe in Israel and Palestine, and with people dying on the streets of Chicago, he wins the Peace Prize! It's mind-boggling to me, I'm shocked and disappointed, and this shows that the Nobel board is all about politics." Hill added that the prize should have gone to "people who are waging anti-war efforts rather than prosecuting wars," while The Factor named General David Petraeus as a better choice than President Obama.
Will Obama send more troops to Afghanistan?
The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera, who has been to Afghanistan numerous times, whether he would advise President Obama to send the additional troops requested by General Stanley McChrystal. "We have starved our effort in Afghanistan," Rivera said, "and as a result our enemy has regained the momentum. Our situation is much more difficult and we have to do something like we did in Iraq, so I absolutely want the extra troops." When Rivera went on to predict that Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can be persuaded to dismantle his nuclear program, The Factor responded with derision: "You believe the Iranians! Geraldo Rivera has just morphed into Little Bo Peep."
Richard Dawkins on science education
The Factor welcomed and challenged author and scientist Richard Dawkins, a radical atheist who regularly scorns people of faith. "We don't know how everything began," Dawkins conceded, "but it's an extraordinary piece of warped logic to say that because science can't answer a particular question, you're going to throw in your lot with Jesus. There's no evidence that he did it either. Explaining the nature of the world and life and the universe is what science is all about." But The Factor accused Dawkins of anti-religious prejudice: "What disturbs me about you guys is that you tend to look down on believers. It's fascism for you to say we can not talk about brilliant men who believe in a higher power in a public school classroom, in a science classroom you should present all the alternatives. I believe in evolution, but I believe it was overseen by a higher power. Science doesn't advance the human condition in any moralistic way and Jesus did, and if everyone followed the teachings of Jesus Christ we'd almost be an idyllic civilization."
Laura Ingraham: Praise for the ACLU?
Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham began her weekly review with pointed criticism of the Talking Points Memo. "Who kidnapped Talking Points?" Ingraham asked. "These European elites awarded President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize because they think he represents their best hope for keeping America in check. It has nothing to do with peace, it has everything to do with their view of America. America is weaker than she was eleven months ago - we have less influence and power, and this prize is not helping the average American who cares about economic security. It is a meaningless and absurd symbol that has no meaning." The Factor reiterated that "America is viewed around the world more favorably now than it was a year ago." Ingraham also offered some rare praise for the ACLU, which defended a student who attended school in a tee shirt with a pro-life message. "Lo and behold, the ACLU stood on principle and is actually helping this boy's cause against the school. I was pleasantly surprised."
Dumbest things of the week
Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Juliet Huddy picked the absolutely stupidest happenings of the week gone by. Huddy nominated Nancy Pelosi, who groused that General McChrystal went outside the military chain of command. "This fries me," Huddy declared, "because General McChrystal is there on the ground, he sees what's happening, and he says we need more troops. But he couldn't even get a sit-down with the president and now he's a human pi�ata." Gutfeld mocked CNN, which fact-checked Saturday Night Live's parody of President Obama. "I don't think CNN has gone far enough," Gutfeld joked. "They've got to go back and look at the Coneheads. Were the Coneheads real? CNN never analyzed it when Republicans were parodied, but they're incredulous when it happens to Barack Obama." The Factor chose the two women who got into a full-fledged fistfight on a San Francisco public bus.
A singer and some practical jokers
Friday's Patriot: Singer Gloria Estefan, who is handing out free concert tickets to 17,000 public employees who lost their jobs in Puerto Rico. And the Pinhead: The practical jokers who nearly shocked a bodybuilder out of his skin with a fake mouse.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Andruw Jasper, Logan, NM: "Mr. O, I really enjoy the conversations between you and Karl Rove. I learn more from you guys than I do in my college classes."

Dr. Ed Truemper, Omaha, NE: "Glenn Beck is wrong. The swine flu is a dangerous strain. Don't wait, vaccinate."

Ben Clark, Sacramento, CA: "I like Jay Leno but simply will not watch NBC."

Barbara White, St. Peter's, MO: "Jay doesn't stand a chance because he's up against Greta!"