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Thursday, March 9, 2006
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Emirates back down on port deal
Guest: Dr. Walid Phares

"T-Points suspects The White House made some kind of deal with the U.A.E to defuse a situation that was rapidly getting out of control. By a vote of 62 to 2 the House Appropriations Committee told President Bush that the Emirates should not be allowed to work in American ports. Mr. Bush, understanding that public opinion is overwhelmingly against him on the issue, has now ceded to the Arab company which today said it would pull out of direct supervision of American ports, perhaps sub-contracting to an American company. What is important is that American ports are now under intense scrutiny, which is a good thing, and that the Arab world thinks the USA is against them, which is bad. As talking points has emphasized the USA will not win the war on terror without committed Arab allies. Winning any war requires skill, bravery and smarts. The USA certainly has the skill and bravery. But smarts, I'm not sure. We are certainly making many mistakes in the terror war from underestimating resistance in post-Saddam Iraq to allowing the far left to undermine war strategy without much government challenge to insulting allies. This is not a good picture. President Bush must get a handle on the PR problem concerning the terror war. Most Americans understand the danger, but clarification is needed. We are living in dangerous times; clarity and intelligence must rule."

Fox News Video:

The Factor asked Dr. Walid Phares, "How badly is the port situation hurting America in the Arab world?" Dr. Phares said the real danger was how our enemies would exploit this: "The jihadists, their allies, some others, are going to be writing about this. They're going to take it to al Jazeera, and all the Web sites and say they're not dealing with us because we are Arabs and we are Muslims. They're going to put pressure on these moderate governments. Yes, the deal is gone but the United States has to show the Arab world that there are reasons, actual, technical security reasons. Not about race. Not about ethnicity." The Factor suggested sending a delegation to the Arab world to explain the American position: "So it would probably be good if a delegation from the Congress went to UAE and did a goodwill thing and said 'It's just about our security. You can understand why our people are nervous, we got attacked but we want to do business with you.' So we got to do that right away."

Hillary opposes immigration bill
Guest: Susan Turnbull, Democratic National Committee

The Factor criticized Senator Hillary Clinton for talking tough on immigration but lacking a clear plan for how to combat the problem. "Senator Clinton, as most politicians, has no clue, none, on how to stop at least 500,000 individuals every year from coming here. Increased technology for border patrol isn't going to do it and cooperation with a corrupt Mexican regime isn't going to do it. So I say to myself, it's just a bunch of hooey. Anybody can criticize. She doesn't have a strong platform to solve the problem." Susan Turnbull, Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, disagreed: "I think that what she is doing and has said repeatedly about this issue is that she doesn't have all the answers. But she is searching for the answers and working with others. One of the things that she said, and I totally agree with everything she has said, is that we do need to focus on security at you're borders." The Factor took Turnbull to task: "With all due respect, nonsense. That's what every politician says. It's nonsense. This has been going on for 30 years. We still have a half million people coming in here. But what Mrs. Clinton doesn't do and has never done is stop the hordes from coming. She doesn't have the will to do it."

Roe vs. Wade... for men?
Guest: Mel Fight, National Center for Men

In what could be a landmark case, 25-year old Matt Dubay of Saginaw, Michigan is filing suit in federal court saying he does not want to pay support for his eight-month-old baby daughter. His former girlfriend, 20-year old Lauren Wells, says Dubay has an obligation. The Factor felt Dubay had a responsibility to pay for the baby; "I feel that a real man, no matter what the circumstance, pays for the baby, even if the guy was lied to, deceived, up and down. The real man pays for the baby." Mel Feit, executive director of the National Center for Men, disagreed: "Before Roe vs. Wade, what you're saying would make perfect sense. If a man made a baby, he should step up and be responsible. Roe changed everything because it allowed women to separate sexual intimacy from forced procreation if they chose to do that. No woman will ever be forced by the state to pay child support or be a parent for a child that she didn't intend to bring into the world. And not only does she have the right to terminate her pregnancy, but she can drop the baby off in a hospital emergency room, a police station, a fire station, walk away and no one will ever come to her and say excuse us, madam, you made a baby you have to pay child support." The Factor took issue with that logic: "Here is why you're wrong. Matt Dubay took it upon himself to have unprotected sex, thereby entering the risk zone, not only for pregnancy but other things. Once you enter the risk zone, you're responsible."

Jessica's Law in Oregon
Guests: Child advocate Wendy Murphy & Steve Doell, Crime Victims of Oregon

The Factor discussed the attempt to get Jessica's Law on the ballot in Oregon with Steve Doell, who is driving the initiative. Doell said they were presently gathering signatures. "We need 75,600 signatures. But what we really need is about 115,000 because of the way the secretary of state counts and then invalidates signatures. We need many more, but we actually need 75,600." Boston Attorney Wendy Murphy, who assists the Factor on the Jessica's Law campaign, applauded politicians in Oregon: "I'm glad to hear that both a Democrat and a Republican are helping out in Oregon because violence against children should transcend partisan political lines. I think we all understand that." The Factor told the folks to take the fight to their governors: "I think people have to write their governors. I mean Vermont, we know, is chaos. Rhode Island, I don't know what's going on there. They did pass Jessica's Law. Pennsylvania is making progress. And I think people have to besiege the governors, to say we want to know where these predators are."

Serial rapist caught?
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

The Factor discussed the murder of 24-year-old Imette St. Guillen with Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo said the main suspect in the case, Darryl Littlejohn, won a minor vindication of sorts today. "Three rape cases have come forward since his mug shot was publicized. Three cases where the ladies, after seeing him on TV, said, 'That's just what happened to me. I was savagely raped by a black guy who had a van.' And one of them even got taped up. There was a lineup in the Queens precinct. The guy agreed to it. He was given a legal aid attorney. The woman looked at him very, very closely. Just separated by a one-way glass. And even had him say "shut up," which her attacker said during her attack in 2005, October of 2005. She said it was not Darryl Littlejohn." The Factor explained where Littlejohn is now: "They still haven't charged the guy with the murder. And I don't believe he's been charged with any rape yet. He's being held in Riker's, which is the city prison, on a parole violation." The Factor and Geraldo also talked about an interesting case involving a 13-yr old girl who disappeared on Monday, sent text messages to her mother and friends saying she was kidnapped and abused, and then turns up in an NYC taxi cab. Geraldo expected that no one would be arrested: "The last I heard we have not had any follow up, but as far as I know there's no police activity on the case, at least not the intensive activity you would expect if they were searching for a potential predator who had had a 13-year-old kidnapped for four days." The Factor asked, "Do you think this was a bogus thing? A cry for attention?" Geraldo said, "There was something going on. She was with somebody between Monday and Thursday."

The military, money & San Francisco
Guest: Fox News military analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

The Factor explained the relationship between the military and the city of San Francisco: "It is estimated that the U.S. military generates millions of dollars in the city of San Francisco. The big expenditure is Fleet Week, where Navy ships sail into town. There's also an armed forces day parade that is sparsely attended in that city and there's a big V.A. hospital there. But the leaders of San Francisco are outwardly hostile to the military. In July, the board of supervisors voted 8-3 against allowing the USS Iowa to become a permanent museum. In November, voters approved a symbolic resolution to ban military recruiting on campuses. And one supervisor even said the USA shouldn't have a military at all. So why is the military spending any money in San Francisco?" FOX News military analyst Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney felt the solution was to cancel Fleet Week: "I think they ought to cancel Fleet Week. I go to San Francisco two or three times a year. It is a great city. They've got some wonderful people. But they also got some left-wing freak nuts out there. And they're in charge. And the voters ought to get a handle on it." The Factor had a new suggestion for Fleet Week: "Go to New Orleans. Have Fleet Week in New Orleans. Help those folks. Help those folks. They need all the economic help they can get. Take it out of the city by the bay and put it into the Crescent City."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
John VanCott, Pittsburgh, PA: "That question about Yale is loaded and absurd. It also proves you, Bill, have no business anchoring a national news program."

Anna Soike, Orlando, FL: "So let me get this straight. Yale invites a Taliban official to its campus but wants to ban military recruiters at their law school? Nice."

Mary Lockhart, Littleton, NH: "Bill, the question you should be asking is how the Taliban man got a Visa to enter this country?"

Harlan Ham, Tucson, AZ: "My son has a perfect GPA and scored 99.6 on the LSAT. He was turned down for admission to Yale Law School. I guess it was lack of Taliban credentials."

And mail on James Dobson:

Chuck Hays, Alexandria, VA: "I oppose any group not telling the truth about someone. But I believe James Dobson's hands are not clean. He uses selective information in his newsletters."

Sheldon Bittner, Manitoba, Canada: "I was shocked by the attack on Dr. Dobson. Can you imagine how the left would react if Cindy Sheehan was smeared in this manner?"

John Bahran, Katy, TX: "Bill, you have a short memory. Bill Clinton was smeared by right-wing kooks all throughout the 90's."

Ian Causer, Warwickshire, England: "Using the politics of hate is pointless as well as wrong. By the way, I'm getting you lots of new viewers over here, Bill."