Fame is a Blood Sport
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 28, 2022
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The pursuit of power, money, and fame is the express lane to hell. That's documented in my new book "Killing the Legends" but also expands to the political situation today. 
Vlad Putin had it all; complete power in Russia, billions of dollars, and every option open to him.
It wasn't enough.
Putin is destroying himself, his country, and innocent Ukrainians for what? Nothing. He is waging war simply because he can, no other legitimate reason.
Eventually, he will go down, but he'll take plenty of folks with him.
In the USA, Joe Biden has renounced almost every single principle he ever held to achieve power and fame. He once opposed abortion. He was once tough on crime. He was considered a "moderate" Democrat.
Now he's a far-left zealot because that was the pathway to power.
Fame crushes most of those who seek it. Not all, but the vast majority. It is an unnatural state. And in America today, it is a blood sport.
That prevents some smart, honest people from entering the arena. And so we get ruthless and calculating.
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