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October 2014
O'Reilly's History Quiz from October 28, 2014
From this quiz:
How much of all candy sold annually is purchased for Halloween?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from October 21, 2014
From this quiz:
The missile sites were removed when the U.S. promised not to do what?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from October 13, 2014
From this quiz:
Columbus set sail in search of which commodities?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from October 7, 2014
From this quiz:
Two presidents, Arthur and Calvin Coolidge, were born in which state?
OCTOBER 31, 2014  | PM Rating: A+
Greg Gutfeld hosts The O'Reilly Factor, Friday 10/31
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A judge has ruled in favor of Kaci Hickox, the nurse who treated Ebola patients in Africa and...
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Elite universities have routinely banned conservatives from speaking on campus, but now left-wing...
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