Par for the Course

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1  2    3
  45          6
  7      8       
12    13    1415 
          19      20
    21          22   


  1. One over par, or a nickname for Humphrey
  2. One under par, or a little avian
  3. Part of a golf club, or a theme by Isaac Hayes
  4. Golf equipment maker, or a golf-crazed president
  5. Place to practice, or a major appliance
  6. Found on a golf ball or on Jennifer Garner
  7. Last club used on a hole, usually
  8. The game's birthplace
  9. A chip shot in golf, a playing field in soccer
  10. Golf's elders, or soon-to-be grads
  11. Something to avoid in golf & entertainment
  12. Hoister of the bag
  13. 3 on a Par 5, or a national symbol
  14. A golf do-over, or a meaty stew
  15. USA's Ryder Cup opponent


  1. Vehicle on the course, or in retirement homes
  2. Some clubs, or actor Jeremy
  3. Good spot for a golfer, or the soulful singer Al
  4. Sand trap, or a Boston Hill
  5. US Open, Masters, and reporter Garrett
  6. Golf venue, or part of a meal
  7. The big stick, or a need for Miss Daisy
  8. Element in golf clubs and artificial joints
  9. Specialized golf club, or a chunck of Iceberg
  10. Every golfer's dream
  11. Good place for a drive
  12. Golf "club," or a genre of music
  13. Measure of a golfer's skill, not a disability
  14. A righttie's shot to the right, or a portion of cake
  15. Golf appointment, homonymous with a Brit tradition

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